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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment sources do you accept?

Private Pay or ALTCS

Which ALTCS administrators do you contract with?

Mercy Care, United Healthcare and Banner

What is your staff/caregiver ratio compared to # of residents in AL and also in MC?

The ratio changes with time of day and resident census. When the building is full and it’s daytime (the busiest shift), we have 6 caregivers… three in AL (for 46 residents) and three for MC (20 residents). Our minimum at night is 3, sometimes we have 4. We always ensure that we adhere to state guidelines.

Our caregivers have the responsibility to care, assist, and help all residents with all needs. The Medication Tech’s job duties are inclusive of this also and they are included in these staffing figures.

How often do assurance checks occur?

Every two hours, but if the resident wants or needs anything in between, all they have to do is press their pendant. Some residents are independent and private enough to opt out of these. That is determined on a case by case basis.

What is the response time on the pendant?

Average is about 7 to 10 minutes. (10 – 15 minutes is commonly acceptable in Assisted Living.)  If a caregiver is with another resident, they may not always be able to respond immediately.  If resident feels they are having a medical emergency and able to use the telephone, they should also dial 911. 

What are the credentials/qualifications of the caregiving staff? Are there nurses?

We do not have an RN.  We have one LPN who is on call 24/7/365 and is present much of the time. All the caregivers work under LPN and dispense the medication under her watch and with her license.

All of our caregivers are certified caregivers.  They are not required to be C.N.A.s (certified nursing assistants).

Many of our caregivers do hold both certifications. Others are also M.A.s or medical assistants. One is a licensed massage therapist, some are phlebotomists. None of those things are used here, but what it speaks to is we have a highly trained, educated staff.

What can you tell me about the caregiver certification requirements?

Required training and passing of state exam. Training is two weeks long, has additional outside the course room work and covers all aspects of caregiving, including medication administration.

What conditions would prohibit someone from being accepted into the Oasis Assisted Living or Reflections Memory Care facility?

Need for Hoyer lift or behavioral issues/mental diagnosis (other than dementia). We are not licensed to care for individuals with these conditions. This would be their primary medical diagnosis (from PCP) or their disability diagnosis (Social Security).

Can we do transfers?

Single person transfers okay. Two person transfers depend on their ability to assist with the transfer.  If the resident is totally non weight bearing, we cannot accept because of the risk of back injury for caregivers.  Transfers require a 1st floor apartment.

What conditions would require a first floor apartment?

1 or 2 person transfer

Significant mobility or cognitive deficits

Foley catheter and cost?

Yes, we can accept. This would be included in incontinence care level I.

Repositioning every 2 hours and cost?

This would be ordered by a physician so it would fall under medication management. Medication management is $295.

Can we empty catheter bags?

Yes – we can drain but we cannot manage the patency (change the bag).

How do you keep my memory care loved one occupied and engaged during the day?  What kind of activities/interaction are encouraged and how often?

We have scheduled activities and exercises every day. These are done by Activity team members and Senior Fit personnel. In addition to that, caregivers lead impromptu activities in between meals and daily care. We keep supplies on hand (games, puzzles, nail care kits) for these sorts of things. Many of our MC residents enjoy books on tape and that is coordinated through activities as well.

How do meals work?

Dining room hours are 7:30-9 Breakfast, 11-5 for Lunch/Dinner. Residents get up to 3 meals per day at any time during these hours. 2 snacks per day are also provided and they may receive during an activity or delivered to their room.

Can they have a toaster, coffee pot or microwave in Assisted Living apartment?

On a case by case basis and only with Manager’s approval.

What if resident is not feeling up to going to the dining room? Will you deliver meals to their room? How do they request and is there an extra charge?

Residents are strongly encouraged to attend all meals. Delivery is $2.00 per meal and $1.00 if they pick up food to go. If they are so sick they truly cannot make it to the dining room, the nurse or Lead Caregiver on duty has the power to waive that fee. Generally, though, we encourage residents to go to the dining room. The charges are to help motivate them to do just that. It is unhealthy for residents to isolate in their rooms, and for some this is the only time of day they get out and move around.

Can resident’s family visit 24/7? What are the rules for them staying overnight?

Yes, family is welcome anytime. We prefer a heads up if someone is staying overnight.

What are the rules for the access code to the building?

The access code is giving freely to staff, family and friends. It is changed periodically for security reasons, and that is communicated via the monthly email newsletter. Due to the number of people going in and out of the building, the code is by no means a guarantee of security. We use that, and cameras, to make the building as safe as possible.

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Congratulations to our Assisted Living and Memory Care staff at the Oasis for another ZERO deficiency score from the Arizona Department of Health in September 2020.  We are so proud of all of our staff who dedicate every day to providing outstanding care for our senior residents.

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