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Update: 5/8/20


Dear Residents, Families and Friends, 

As you may know, on April 29th, our Governor issued an Executive Order titled, Returning Stronger. This order allowed retailers to resume operation in a limited capacity. The order continued to direct people (especially those 65 or older) to stay home to the extent possible.

On May 4th, another Executive Order was issued allowing additional businesses to resume. This order allows Salons and Barbers to open in limited capacity on May 8th and Dine-In restaurants to open in limited capacity on May 11th. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone, when I say this is very exciting. We are all longing to return to normalcy; to our lives of convenience; to the vibrant and lively campus that we call home.

Our plans for opening the Phoenix campus will look a little different than what you are seeing and hearing in the media.


The new Executive Orders support continuing efforts to mitigate, respond, and recover from COVID-19. These orders are also an attempt to reenergize and stimulate the economy.

Our plans for our campus are centered around your safety. COVID-19 is still spreading at a high rate. In one week (April 27th to May 4th Data), there were over 1,700 new cases. Of course, we understand that increased testing is presenting more diagnosed cases, but … the virus is very present and still spreading. In addition, the Governor’s Stay at Home Order has not been lifted. It is still in place, to protect our most vulnerable population.

For your additional information, here are the precautions and restrictions that will remain in place:


Blue check mark Visitor restrictions for Independent Living remain the same, we are asking that visits are kept to only those of emergency, absolute essential need or medical necessity.

Blue check mark Common spaces will remain closed, at this time. This includes the Salons and Sunnyside Café located inside Manor 2. Please continue to practice social distancing as you are out walking, getting your mail, etc. 

Blue check mark All staff are wearing cloth face coverings when they are out and about, especially when working in close proximity with residents. Staff have received training in the proper use and maintenance of the cloth face coverings.

Blue check mark We will continue to screen staff, medical personnel and visitors daily as they enter the campus. They are required to sign-in, record their temperature and answer a series of screening questions that assesses signs, symptoms, and exposure to COVID-19. This process is required for every building on campus.

Blue check mark We continue to utilize the email address for communication. If you are not receiving email updates, please make sure Susan O’Connell has your updated email address.


Blue check mark Please report any illness to our Director of Subsidized Housing: Susan O’Connell at 602-443-5449

Again, following the Governor’s Executive order of staying at home is the most effective way to slow the spread and protect oneself from infection. Face coverings are only necessary when one is in areas where they cannot maintain proper social distancing.

In the "COVID-19 Communication Archives" you will find links to all letters and updates that we have sent out regarding COVID-19, and our efforts to ensure the safety of our residents, staff, and visitors. (To find these links on your mobile device, please scroll to the bottom).

Again, thank you so much for your cooperation during this unprecedented time. Your support, your prayers, and your encouragement mean so much.


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Jami Gross, Executive Director Susan O'Connell, Director of Subsidized Housing


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