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Doug Dreyer, CPO


Photo of Doug Dreyer, Facilities Director

Director of Operations

Doug Dreyer has been part of the Christian Care team since 2018 when he started as Facilities Director at Fellowship Square Historic Mesa. He transferred to the Phoenix campus in October 2020 as the Director of Operations. His motto is, "Serving the residents is an honor, not a job."

Doug has a wide range of expertise; in addition to Facilities Management, he is an FAA-licensed aircraft mechanic and worked at Sky Harbor International Airport for several years. Doug also has experience making cabinetry; he owned and operated two cabinet businesses in MN and AZ.

Originally from a farm in Minnesota, Doug moved to Arizona in 2002. He and his wife lived overseas in Cape Verde, a group of 10 islands 400 miles off the coast of Africa (a sovereign nation), where they set up a residential rental and small farm.

Upon moving back to the US, Doug became the Facilities Manager of a church and preschool in Virginia before moving to Scottsdale, AZ where he became the Facilities Manager for a church and school.

Doug and his wife, Ivone, enjoy spending many hours in what they refer to as their 'backyard resort.' They share three children and four grandchildren, ages 1- 7. Doug says that God has opened and closed many doors to lead him to where he is today, he is very humbled to share his God-given talents with residents and staff.

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