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Paw Times

Monday March 12, 2018

At Fellowship Square Tucson, we’re more than just “pet friendly.”  We LOVE pets!  Move into Fellowship Square Tucson, an assisted living and independent living community, and enjoy playing with your pet in one of our Pet Parks!   Sitting on 22 acres there are plenty of other fellow friends to meet during a stroll with your four legged friend! 

We believe that our pets love us unconditionally and are essential to our overall health and happiness  especially for seniors.   After some research and observations of our Elders and their dogs (cats to be a separate article), there are three things you can learn from your dogs that will make you healthier and happier!


Take Care of Yourself

Nap, get exercise, get regular checkups from your doctor and make time for basic care without guilt! Never stop meeting new friends like the ones we meet at the Pet Parks!  Be the best you can be and we will have many more great days together!


Have a Great Attitude

It does not matter what happened in my day I will always wag my tail when I see you come through the door.  When you pet me and talk to me in your upbeat voice, I will jump up and give you wet kisses! No matter what has transpired during the day, we greet each other and smile.


Set Aside Time for the Simple Things

Sit by my side and I’ll watch all the shows you want to watch, even the ones without animals!  Sipping a cup of coffee on the patio in the morning and watching the sunrise is one of my favorite times!  It does not matter that I don’t like coffee.  I won’t try to drink yours, because it reminds you that I am a good dog.

Fellowship Square understands how important it is for you to find new things to do with your dog and that it takes some imagination and extra time!  Dogs can become bored easily and when they do, they tend to misbehave.

To keep your dog out trouble we have  provided a list of things to do with your dog!

  1. Throw a Birthday Bash for your dog!
  2. Go Shopping Together in  Pet Friendly Store
  3. Dress up for Halloween and go Trick or Treating
  4. Treat your dog to a Spa Day!
  5. Visit a Dog Park
  6. Take your dog for a ride with the windows down
  7. Go on a Walk in your neighborhood
  8. Play in the sprinklers
  9. Make bath time fun with squeaky toys
  10. Take an overnight camping trip

Even if you only have the time to set aside a few of these tips and activities , the greatest part for seniors is the overwhelming gratitude they will receive from their fellow friend.


My wife Mary and I just love Fellowship Square. We have lived three wonderful years in this former luxury resort, now a luxury senior living community. The accommodations are spacious, comfortable, and kept up to date by a caring and friendly staff. The beautiful dining room and its excellent meals and the many activities are also reasons why we love living here. We both especially love that we have made many friends from all walks of life and all kinds of religious beliefs.

But there's more! We both love that the grounds are so beautiful and that every apartment opens up to them instead of into a dreary hallway. We both have age-related health issues and living in Fellowship Square makes it easier for us to deal with them. Mary takes full advantage of the many senior fitness classes available six days a week. To keep myself mentally challenged, I facilitate a couple of life-long learning discussion groups. We just don't need anything more!

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