Shopping for a Retirement Home: Staying Social

Friday June 29, 2018
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Selecting a Social Community

If you are still wondering how a retirement community may appeal to you and your loved one, take into consideration the social aspect of a senior living home. Think about yours or a loved one’s current living situation and what future issues may arise. Things that we don’t think about would be… sense of loneliness, health issues and social opportunities. Thinking about the future, a community like Fellowship Square Tucson has a lot to offer and has advantages with all that is provided at the community for residents. There are things we don’t always take into consideration when planning for the future, and we at Fellowship Square Tucson try to help make sure nothing is unsought of.

Ladies enjoying playing the piano at their independent living home in Tucson, AZ

This all may sound gloomy, but we assure you it’s for good reason to plan and learn more about the benefits of a retirement or senior living community. Planning as much as you can for the future is beneficial and helpful when it comes time to find an independent living home, Fellowship Square Tucson has so much to offer for ones’ future.

  • On site church services
  • Art classes
  • Bingo
  • Shopping trips 
  • Community events
  • Off-site events
  • On-site entertainment and games
  • Clubs to participate in
  • Fitness groups
  • Parties

Independent living fitness groups active in the pool

These activities and more are things that make our community such a social place. Click for our most recent social happenings . Being in a social environment is something we find important for our independent living residents. As seniors grow older this becomes a common problem amongst themselves for their changing environment, family/friends moving away, lack of socialization and many other reasons contribute to them being lonely. When moving to a community such as Fellowship Square Tucson you will always have friends and things to keep you active and social. Many of our residents make numerous friends when living at our independent living facility.

Since the social aspects of one’s future is not always considered that is one reason why we find it important to make sure future residents know that we are more than a place to live, we are a social community and more. Schedule a tour by calling us at 520-886-5537 or contact us online so you can see firsthand the social environment we create and all the activities we have to offer here at Fellowship Square Tucson.


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