Shopping for a Retirement Home: Security for Seniors

Friday August 24, 2018
Categories: General, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care

There are many things to take into consideration when thinking of moving as a senior, and shopping for a retirement living home. Where are you moving? What is the cost of senior living apartments? What amenities are available? And so on… a big question that many people have is, how safe is the place I’d be moving into. We at Fellowship Square Tucson provide a senior community where our residents can feel safe in their independent or assisted living homes. Since we have a community with different options for retirement living we strive to make sure that our campus is safe and comfortable for the residents to live their lives, no matter what section of our campus they’re on.

Independent living resident opening his security screen door in his senior living apartment at Fellowship Square Tucson

Our independent and assisted living apartment homes in Tucson all include security doors and gates, emergency call systems and smoke alarms. This allows for residents to feel safe while in their home. While residents will feel safe in their homes, we want to make sure they feel safe throughout the campus, and we do so by having 24- hour on-campus security personnel.

The security team at Fellowship Square Tucson is always on patrol. This team ensures that the campus is danger free, and they are prepared for an emergency that may occur on the campus. We take pride in the training the security team has for all types of emergencies, including health-related ones. Having a dedicated security team is something that many people like knowing about us when comparing independent living companies in the Tucson area. This offering is just one of the considerations we take into providing a safe and comfortable independent and assisted living community.

Another thing we consider in providing the best place for senior assisted living and independent living is the convenience of having things done for our residents. Additionally, we help keep residents safe in their homes is having on-campus maintenance. The last thing we want is for someone to slip and fall because of a leak in their senior living apartment.

Since our independent and assisted living homes in Tucson are apartment style we maintain the inside of the home. Maintenance includes: fixing leaky pipes, changing light-bulbs, checking power fuses, assistance with heating and air conditioning, clogged drains, etc. Having this convenience is important to many of our residents as they know they won’t need to hassle with calling plumbers or handy mans. They can simply put in a service request with the front desk and know that the maintenance team will handle things within three days, unless it’s an emergency.

Security and convenience are just a couple of the differentiators that Fellowship Square Tucson takes pride in when it comes to offering the best retirement living community. If you’re shopping for an independent or assisted living home for yourself, a friend or loved one in the Tucson area schedule a tour to come see our campus in person or give us a call at 520-886-5537, to talk more about our senior living services and floorplans.


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