Senior Living During COVID-19

Monday July 20, 2020
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An Honest Conversation…

Often making the move into a senior community nearby can be an obstacle in itself. In 2020 COVID-19 isn’t making that journey any easier, in fact it may make the hard decision seem impossible. Now more than ever it’s important to work with a community you can trust, one you can have an honest conversation with. At Fellowship Square Tucson our team of professionals are available six days a week to help you make an educated decision about senior living that not only keeps you and your loved ones safe and healthy but one that truly fits your needs, lifestyle and goals.


Call 520-886-5537 to get started.


Our New Normal

The health and safety of you and your loved ones is of the upmost importance to us. Fellowship Square Tucson has prioritized our senior residents, their families and anyone visiting our senior living community by coming up with our
“New Normal.”


What to expect with our New Normal? We are still the same Christian Care Community that dedicates itself to providing a fulfilling lifestyle and promoting independence. Service methods have been tweaked and reshaped to achieve the same quality delivery and outcome while practicing social distancing and fulfilling CDC guidelines.


Please Note: As our knowledge of COVID-19 changes rapidly, so do our policies and regulations. At Fellowship Square Tucson we pledge to practice the most update CDC guidelines and implement only the most effective policies in order to keep you, our residents and staff protected and healthy.



Every Villa is set up to have a “Screener.” This employee will allow only essential visitors to enter campus. Once visitor is deemed “essential” our employee will take their temperature, ask a series of CDC-provided questions and note where the visitor will be on campus. If the essential visitor has appropriate answers to the CDC questions and a healthy temperature, they will be allowed on campus to complete said essential task.

What is an essential visitor?

An essential visitor is medical staff, caregivers or a visitor for resident at end of life. All essential visitors must still have an appropriate temperature and pass the question screening.



All common areas are on a strict sanitation schedule to fulfill CDC guidelines.

Social Distancing: All employees are required to social distance and wear a mask. Residents are encouraged to do the same. Free masks can be found in the business office.


The activities department is working hard to keep our residents active and entertained while following CDC guidelines. Check out the monthly activity calendar for concerts from your doorway, social distanced grocery shopping and much more.


Bible Study:

Chaplin Al’s completely virtual Bible Study is live! Turn in today via YouTube or Facebook or by visiting the Fellowship Square Tucson web site to connect. Contact Chaplin Al directly to receive your read-along workbook or to sign up for Bible study he is offering in person, but socially distanced.


Senior Fit:

Senior Fit has adjusted their regular programs to keep you safe, socially distanced and moving! Call to schedule your appointment and find out what classes are currently active. (Please add in the phone number here to make it easier for people to contact, use the code that was provided earlier in the doc to make it click to call)



All meals will be delivered to you free of charge, allowing our residents to still enjoy the same restaurant style cuisine they love while being safe and having their meals in the comfort of their homes.


Whether it’s an unexpected trip to the hospital or a recent rehab stay resident services is here to help. The r,esident services director will meet with you and loved ones to guide you through the transition from hospital to home quickly and safely.

Our New Normal: During a Scheduled Appointment

With safety guidelines in place and our sanitation team working hard you can now safely tour Fellowship Square Tucson in person or virtually!


For us to get to know your needs in looking for a senior community to retire to please schedule a tour of our senior living community online. Then we’ll be able to connect with you and set your appointment. When you arrive for your appointment, we will have your preferred floor plans ready for viewing safely.


Please bring a mask or face covering to your tour of Fellowship Square Tucson. If you do not have one, a disposable mask will be provided to you.


Upon arrival you will be greeted by our wonderful screener. He or she will take your temperature and have you fill out a questionnaire to assure you meet the current CDC guidelines. Once you have been screened your leasing agent will take you around campus in a social distanced manner. Everyone on the tour will be wearing a mask or face covering and we’ll keep to 6 feet apart but will be able to talk and interact as questions come up while we walk through the independent living homes*.


While we typically offer a lunch at our facility to those who have toured, we’ve had to forego this offering due to COVID-19 and our restaurant only delivering meals to residents. Do not fret, though, we still have a treat for those who come. Make sure to grab a fresh pastry at the end of our retirement community tour.


Always Normal: Park-Like Setting

Our retirement homes are set in an outdoor community. What does this mean? Lush grass, tall palm trees, citrus trees and more make up the grounds of our community. The best part about this during COVID-19 is that you can still appreciate and take in these bits of nature from your home. When you look out your dining room window, you’ll always see the views of the lush landscape and colorful flowers. What you won’t see is the inside of another hallway! Not only is this visually appealing but it keeps you safe from the rapid spread of germs that occur when multiple people share air vents. Our park-like setting adds an additional layer of protection against any illness, from the common cold to COVID-19.


While not knowing what normal will be in the future exactly, we know it’s hard to navigate. But we want to help those who are unsure about moving and assure you or your loved ones that at Fellowship Square Tucson we are taking all safety precautions for our residents and guests to remain COVID-19 free. Please call us with questions about touring at 520-886-5537 (insert a link so this can be click to call on mobile). You can also contact us by scheduling a tour online or you can view our virtual tours of our independent living homes. We look forward to seeing you, and know you’ll be smiling under your mask.


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