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Courtyard Critters

June 24, 2021
Tucson is home to some amazing wildlife! And thanks to our open-air courtyards, grass, flowers and ponds we get to witness it every day. Read More

Retirement Living in a Pandemic, we take your health seriously.

February 02, 2021
During times of turbulence and uncertainty it can feel like the only way to stay safe is to dig your heels in and buckle down for the foreseeable future.  However, it is especially important that we care for ourselves physically and mentally during these difficult times. Read More

Senior Living During COVID-19

July 20, 2020
During COVID-19 there are many unsure things, and finding a place to live for yourself or a loved one can be stressful. Fellowship Square Tucson can help guide you through this time of uncertainty while shopping for senior living communities near you. Read More

Shop Local and Tour Fellowship Square Tucson

November 15, 2018
Fellowship Square Tucson is hosting a Holiday Market and Open House. Please join us to shop local vendors and tour our independent and assisted living community. Read More

Shopping for a Retirement Home: Security for Seniors

August 24, 2018
Security of our residents is very important to us at Fellowship Square Tucson. Our independent and assisted living homes all come with security features and our campus has 24-hour security patrol. Read More

Shopping for a Retirement Home: Staying Social

June 29, 2018
When looking to find an independent living home, one thing to keep top of mind is it a social fit for you or your loved one. Staying social is important and we at Fellowship Square Tucson have so much to offer to our residents. Read More

Shopping for a Retirement Home: Cost of Independent Living Facilities

May 30, 2018
Cost of long term care when looking for an independent living facility can be a sensitive topic for many families. We at Fellowship Square Tucson strive to help everyone with all types of budgets to find the right fit. Read More
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Fellowship Square Undergoes a $7.5 Million Renovation

April 23, 2018
Tucson’s popular Christian Care Community gets a major upgrade, giving the assisted and independent living facility modern-day features and style. Wherever you look, you’ll see something new and exciting across the popular 20-acre retirement community. Read More

Paw Times

March 12, 2018
Dogs are family and they love us unconditionally. They can also teach us a few things. Here are three lessons you can learn from your dog that’ll make you healthier and happier. Read More

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