Courtyard Critters

Thursday June 24, 2021


Tucson is home to some amazing wildlife! And thanks to our open-air courtyards, grass, flowers and ponds we get to witness it every day.

    Our most recent visitor to Independent Living was a mallard duck, who made her nest at V2 fountains edge. Thanks to the caring residents and staff of Fellowship Square Villa Two she was kept out of harm’s way and successful hatched six ducklings. Who, she immediately led into the fountain! Because of the chemicals in the water and lack of duck friendly food, professionals were called to safely relocate our duck family. Animal Experts (with the help of staff member, Rachael Thurston) was able to capture both mother duck and her ducklings. They will be released in the Santa Cruz wetlands where they’ll have plenty of food, ponds and other duck friends!

    Other frequent visitor to active living are hummingbirds. Did you know that Arizona has over 13 different species of humming birds? In Tucson your most likely to see

Anna’s Hummingbird

A Broad Billed Humming Bird

A Costa's Hummingbird

Or the Black Chinned Hummingbird

Encourage the humming birds to stick around by hanging your own feeder outside your apartment! Click here for to find out how!

What have you seen cruising through the courtyards? Let us know!


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