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Chaplain Volunteer Positions

All Chaplain’s Ministry volunteers are to conduct themselves with utmost respect for all people they encounter, even in a conflict.  We are ambassadors for Christ and people need to see the love of Christ Jesus as they interact or otherwise encounter us.  Anyone violating this policy will be contacted to remove any inappropriate actions, attitudes or vocabulary from their behavior immediately, or they will be removed from their position.  Report all conflicts to the Chaplain’s office for initiation of correction of the conflicting setting.  Refuse to allow yourself to be dragged into a messy confrontation.  Report all inappropriate actions, attitudes or speech to the Chaplain immediately, allowing him to address any violators properly.


Calling Coordinator
  • Oversees all calling captains to make sure that each BSG attender gets a reminder call of the Bible study meeting
  • Also provides personal phone contact in case attender should have any problems or needs the Chaplain needs to be made aware in order to help them
  • Receives weekly report from each calling captain concerning any resident health/emotional issues or other needs to Chaplain
  • Also serves as a Calling Captain if he/she desires to do so
Calling Captains
  • Responsible for calling each member of their group of assigned BSG attenders to remind them of the mtg. the next day, 
  • And to make sure they are doing alright.
  • Report to Calling Coordinator any resident having any needs
  • Pay the piano for the BSG; usually consists of 3 hymns of congregational singing before the Bible study time begins
Setup-Takedown Team
  • Volunteers to arrange the Great Room for setup for chairs and tables for our attenders and then to remove chairs and tables afterward, leaving room like they found it


Service Overseer/Liaison  
  • Responsible for working with local church worship team to ensure smooth worship service;
  • Communicates any needs or problems to Chaplain to handle
Setup/Takedown Team 
  • Responsible for setting up chairs and replacing them after the service is completed in the GR to accommodate various church worship teams for worship service


Head Librarian 
  • Scheduling volunteers to work in library, including herself is she so desires or is needed; 
  • Works with Chaplain to increase, improve and maintain library items to ensure accurate inventory of all items;
  • Reports to Chaplain anything he may need to be made aware of concerning the library or its volunteers

Assistant Librarians 
  • Scheduling volunteers to work in library, including herself is she so desires or is needed;

Chaplain's Ministry concerts,
National Day of Prayer Breakfasts, etc.

  • Sit at table to check in guests off of registration list with pre-issued tickets for special events with advance registration required  

    Greeters (Ambassadors) 
    • Responsible to be “the face” of Fellowship Square and the Chaplain’s Ministry
    • Greet all guests with a big smile and a warm welcome, accompanying them and visiting with them as they move into the walker/scooter check-in area or to seating at a table
    • Report any problems or ask the Chaplain about any questions they may have during the event
    Walker/Scooter Assistance 
    • Attach ID sheets to each walker and move the walker to assigned walker parking area
    • Does the same for scooters if scooter owner is agreeable to it
    • Available to help out in any and all areas and even in unanticipated needs areas/settings

Barbara Lindsey

Since becoming a resident four years ago, Fellowship Square has met my physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs beautifully.  I enjoy participating in supervised fitness activities, discussion groups and long-distance field trips sponsored by Fellowship Square. 

Fellowship Square pool

Mead Almond

Fellowship Square has good food, helpful and friendly staff, swimming pools, outings, transportation, exercises, companionship and security. What’s not to like? There are no strangers here, only friends that you haven’t met yet!

Fellowship Square dining

Dolores Syverson

Fellowship Square is a wonderful place to live. The amenities here are so great. The food is the best in the world. We chose the best place in Tucson to live and being a Christian Care community is so wonderful too.

Janet & Morris Kenisberg

Janet Kenisberg

Fellowship Square is resort style living without the resort style prices. I live in a safe and secure environment that gives me the freedom to be & to do whatever I choose whenever I choose to do it.

The courtyard setting of each villa gives me a sense of peace and tranquility where I can visit with my neighbors, take a leisurely walk, have a swim, practice my putting or just enjoy being out in nature.

Fellowship Square model apartment

Sophia Todd

I am in my 7th year as a Resident. I have a spacious, comfortable apartment; (why, my bedroom is 20 feet long with a huge Walk-in closet! Largest bedroom I ever had.) I have been treated with kindness, respect, and dignity. And, the food is delicious. Why would I live any place else?


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