Bonding through Faith: Connecting with New Neighbors and Friends with the Help of God


For those that are spiritually connected to their faith, God is there in good times and hard times, in times of celebration and times of isolation. For seniors that are moving into a new living situation such as an assisted living community like Fellowship Square, the changes can seem frightening, overwhelming and even lonely. Fellowship Square invites residents, and all people, to turn to faith during this time as a way to get through challenging times as well as to connect with new neighbors and make new friends – and shares some tips on how to do so.


Say a Prayer — God is always listening and it’s okay to seek his help. Simply devoting one’s self to prayer during a difficult or lonely time can help him or her feel more connected to God as well as his or her own faith. Seniors that are looking for companionship can also pray for exactly that. As the bible says, “Ask, and it shall be given you.”


Attend Mass or Bible Study — Praying alone is powerful. However, praying as a group is even more powerful and it can be a direct way to put seniors in the company of other like-minded people in similar situations. For those that are looking for friendship, bonding through shared or similar experiences and praying together can form a solid bond.


Ask a New Neighbor or Friend to Join — When looking to connect with a new neighbor or friend, simply asking if he or she would like to attend a mass or a bible study class or to simply sit and pray together is a simple and kind way to make a new friend and form a new connection.


Join the Choir — Singing is a beautiful way to express faith, especially through hymn. For those that love to sing, joining a church or community choir is a great way to connect with others, and meet new friends and neighbors while also doing something they enjoy. 


Start a Prayer Chain — Many faiths are rooted in prayer not just for oneself, but for others. Praying for one another, across all religions, is an incredible and selfless thing to do. And it can be just the thing to help bond new friends. If a new neighbor or friend is in need of prayer, don’t be shy about starting a prayer chain in his or her honor. 


There is no end to the power of God and faith. For seniors that want to connect with others, or for caregivers and loved ones that want to help the seniors in their lives form a bond with a new neighbor or friend, faith is a beautiful place to start. 


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