Stress Less Tips for the Christmas Season

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Stress Less Tips for the Christmas Season

The holidays seem to be approaching more quickly than ever before!

With just a few more days before Christmas and just weeks away from the New Year, Fellowship Square offers seniors stress-free tips to get through the season — and the end of the year.


Those that are stressed about getting together with family and friends or hosting gatherings should consider their health (and others) as the number one priority. While the pandemic is certainly dragging on and putting a damper on all sorts of things in 2020, it is best to err on the side of caution — particularly for those that are in high-risk health categories. Opt for joining Christmas gatherings via FaceTime or Zoom instead. 


Gift giving is another stressor around the holidays. Instead of trying to get out and fight the crowds to shop for the perfect gift for everyone on the Christmas list, consider other less stressful avenues for seasonal shopping this year. With many stores offering contactless pick-up or delivery, why not take advantage of those safety-enhanced services or have gifts shipped directly? Gift cards are also always appreciated as the recipient can then choose exactly what they want from their favorite store or restaurant, and these can easily be purchased online and even sent via email. 


During the holidays, people often get stressed over spending too much on gifts and preparation. This year may be particularly difficult for many people as their budgets have had to be stretched to account for job losses and other impacts of COVID-19. However, gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive to be meaningful, and it’s those heart-felt gifts that tend to be long remembered and cherished.


Trying to do too much during the holiday season can lead to exhaustion — and being overtired can cause stress, not to mention a slew of other health issues. Sleep is vastly underrated, and is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Seniors often need more sleep, even in the form of a quick nap or two throughout the day. This season, stay healthy by maintaining a regular sleep schedule and, if needed, take a break from holiday festivities to rest. 


The holidays can leave seniors feeling lonely, especially those that can’t get together with family and loved ones this season and who may not have seen the special people in their lives for months now due to COVID-19. Being lonely or overwhelmed by the season can cause unwanted stress, too. Try to stay connected to loved ones through phone calls or FaceTime, email, or texts. Sometimes just sending or receiving a simple check-in via text can make someone’s day.

And remember, God is always near, so His children are never really alone. 


It’s understandable to experience stress throughout the holiday season. Fellowship Square encourages seniors to remember and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas without interference of some of the stressors that can sometimes take away from the magic of the season.

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