Tips for Clearing Out the Clutter in the New Year

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Tips for Clearing Out the Clutter in the New Year

Most people are already well underway with their New Year’s resolutions. For those that have made “decluttering” a priority this year, this project can be a massive undertaking. Clearing out the old in a New Year is a great feeling, however, so stick with it! Fellowship Square offers seniors tips for decluttering their living spaces this year.


Go Through Old Files —

Paper files can clog up a home’s storage rather quickly. However, there is likely a lot of “paperwork” that seniors no longer need to hold onto. Going through old documents and shredding ones that are no longer needed can free up a lot of space! Important documents should be held onto, of course, and kept in a safe place. 


Digitize —

Videotapes, photos, CDs… all these forms of media can be brought into today’s world — and preserved without taking up shelf space! — with digital technology. There are both local and online companies that can take all kinds of former technology and format it to last forever! With a little research, seniors can bring their memories up to date and ensure they are preserved so they can be enjoyed for the generations to come. 


Reduce the Knick Knacks —

Knick knacks taking over shelves, countertops and table space can quickly become overwhelming and add to a “cluttered” look. So consider reducing the sheer number of “things” that are out on display. Even if seniors aren’t ready to part with them, yet, they can put them in a “treasure box” or store them away for safe keeping. Think about grouping items in threes for a clean, modern and balanced look.


Recycle Old Books —

 Many people hold onto books for sentimental reasons, but they can also take up a lot of space, and begin to serve as clutter if piles of books start taking over areas of the home. Consider donating books to a library or local non-profit that could benefit from them. 


Clear the Cupboards —

It’s amazing how many coffee cups can be collected over a lifetime! Items that most likely served as souvenirs from treasured trips can become sentimental… but they can also contribute to clutter. Clearing out kitchen cabinets of too many coffee cups or limiting the number of magnets on the refrigerator door, for example, are great ways to create more space and also create a cleaner, more simplistic look. It’s okay, of course to save a few of those extra-special mementos. Going through excess Tupperware, plastic containers and tins, and paring down to a few essentials, and then donating the rest, can also help clean up the kitchen area. In the bathroom cub boards, go through and toss out expired make-up, skincare and other beauty products and other “stuff” that has accumulated over time.


Pass Down Heirloom Items —

Items such as China sets, furniture, artwork, sculptures, and more could be passed along to family members and loved ones that could make good use of it and who would likely love a special heirloom from their parent, grandparent or beloved senior. Passing along heirlooms gives special items new life and a provides special connection with loved ones.  


Give it Time —

Collecting items has taken a lifetime… so seniors shouldn’t expect to clear it all out in one fell swoop. Clearing the clutter can be an ongoing project. So instead of stressing about getting rid of beloved items, just dedicate a few minutes every day toward decluttering. It also helps to focus on one area at a time. So start in the pantry or kitchen for example, then move onto the living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. 


Decluttering is a big undertaking, so seniors should take it bit by bit. Unless there is a big move coming up, there is no real need to be a definite deadline on when this project should be completed. Working at it a little every day ensures decluttering doesn’t become stressful. 

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