Why Resolutions are Important (and When They Can be Too Much)

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Why Resolutions are Important (and When They Can be Too Much)

Though it's already mid-January, some people are still making resolutions or deciding if they even want to! And why not? There is no science that supports a resolutions has to be made and begun on January 1 to see specific results. Any day is a good day to make a change if someone really wants to make a change! But regardless of the day they are begun, resolutions can be a great way to get and stay motivated toward making a change. With that in mind, Fellowship Square delves into why resolutions are important… and when they can become overwhelming. 


Resolutions are simply goals put to paper — and put into action.


But most well-intended goals don’t come easy. It’s that effort, day after day, that moves the needle on a resolution. But for those that are struggling with making a life change that they know is good for them, or even necessary for their health or otherwise, starting with a resolution is a good way to recognize the change that needs to be made and take action towards doing so. Sometimes simply “putting it out there” is half the battle.


Another reason resolutions are important is that it gives people something to aim for, something to work towards. For example, those that resolve to reduce their screen time or declutter their homes have a framework within the resolution to work towards that goal. Which is why it’s also important not only to declare a resolution, but define it clearly. “Reduce screen time” is rather vague, whereas “limit screen time to 30 minutes per day” is a lot more definitive… and thus a lot easier to track. Tracking is a wonderful way to ensure not only that work is being done on the resolution but also a great tool for seeing progress along the way.


Resolutions for some can be exciting! For those that know they need to make a change or truly want to, a resolution provides hope for the new way of life just on the horizon! Resolutions also require preparation, and therein lies the fun! Those that want to start exercising, for example, might enjoy getting the proper workout gear or equipment. Those that want to start cooking more healthfully might revel in spending some time online researching new recipes or checking out some great cookbooks that will inspire their resolution. There is no reason that resolutions should be all work and no play — have fun with it! Proper preparation is the key to success for any resolution, so make sure to take the proper amount of time to get ready so once resolution day rolls around, it’s go time! 


When creating resolutions, building in a timeline is also an important step to stay the course and stay motivated. However, while a timeline is good for accountability, it shouldn’t become an unnecessary form of stress or pressure to “meet a deadline.” Resolutions and timelines can always be adjusted — just as long as the trajectory remains in a forward motion, progress is being made!


Fellowship Square encourages seniors to make resolutions or set goals as an important part of the ever-evolving process of life. Resolutions give people something to strive towards, to work at and to look back at upon achievement. So no matter when they are set or how long they take, keep going towards those goals!

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