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      Whether you received our early November letter or not, we want to provide you another opportunity to learn about our brave residents and read about how you can partner with the Christian Care Foundation to provide the much-needed programs, services and facilities that our residents and their families have relied on for decades at Christian Care Fellowship Square. 


      In recognition of veterans, the Christian Care Foundation would like to show our heartfelt appreciation to all the servicemen and women who make sacrifices each and every day as well as those who have served our country throughout the years. 

      Within the Christian Care Fellowship Square family, we have been home to residents who have bravely protected our freedoms while serving in wars like World War II. 

      One such resident, Jerry, was a US Navy Quartermaster and Signalman on the USS Killen (DD-593) between 1943 and 1946.  During that era, Navy Quartermasters were responsible for such duties as monitoring the helmsman, heaving the log and shooting azimuths, among other duties.  

      The USS Killen (DD-593) was a Fletcher-class destroyer ship of the US Navy named for Edward Killen, who served in the First Barbary War.  Killen was launched on 1.10.1943, by the Puget Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, Washington. 

      Jerry, along with other courageous navy men, experienced attacks from the air.  During the Japanese War, the USS Killen (DD-593) was bombed.  This brutal bombing resulted in 15 sailors losing their lives and 28 others injured from the bomb. 

      While World War II was sometime ago, let us never forget those who made tremendous sacrifices by leaving their families behind, watching friends and fellow military personnel lose their lives in combat or suffer injuries, or even fatalities, at the hands of their enemies.  Whether reflecting on past wartimes, or experiencing current conflicts, we should never take for granted the men and woman who defend our freedoms, valiantly say yes to military service and give up comfortable livelihoods for all. 

      Since 1979, our senior living communities have housed these heroic individuals.  We are honored to serve not only military veterans but other residents and their families who refer to Christian Care Fellowship Square as home.                  

      We are grateful for our existing donors who partner with Christian Care to help provide the critical service and caring outreach to our Arizona senior community.  We are also hopeful that prospective donors will invest in Christian Care Fellowship Square to assist our organization in serving more than 2,100 seniors and their families who count on Christian Care to provide for their needs. 

      Throughout each year, but especially around the holidays, we want our residents and their families to know they are loved, respected and appreciated.  During this season of giving, will you thoughtfully consider a tax-deductible gift, in the amount of $100, $250, $500, $750, $1,000 or more, to help ensure that our military veterans, like Jerry, non-military residents and families of residents continue to experience the urgent care and services needed to provide a fulfilling lifestyle and promote independence?  Thanks for your consideration!

With Heartfelt Appreciation,

Shannon Covey
Chief Development Officer
Christian Care Foundation

      Don’t delay!  The holidays and calendar, year-end tax deadlines are just around the corner.  As you celebrate the upcoming festivities and plan for taxes, please remember the Christian Care Foundation as a place to invest your treasures.  We are committed to steward your donations in a conservative and efficient manner.


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