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Resident Services

Sometimes a little extra support is all you need.

At Fellowship Square Tucson, we offer a full range of supportive services from which to choose. Whether you are recovering from an illness, have returned home from a hospital stay, or would simply like extra housekeeping, we have you covered.

Resident Services can be coordinated for daily, weekly, or monthly support.

Prices effective 2/1/2022

Wellness Checks

($9.00 per every 15 mins or $30 per hour)

☐ Welfare check
☐ Encourage fluids
☐ Check blood pressure
☐ Check pulse oximetry
☐ Observe if RCare pendant or watch is on
☐ Check if the phone is charged

Senior gentleman with his caregiver at Fellowship Square Tucson

Personal Care/Grooming

($9.00 per every 15 mins) or $30 per hour

☐ Basic companionship
☐ Supervised shower
☐ Brush/comb hair
☐ Assisting with clothing/dressing
☐ Foot care (compression stockings)

Food/Fluid/Medication Reminder

($9.00 per every 15 mins or $30 per hour)

☐ Prepare meals/snacks
☐ Continental breakfast delivery
☐ Meal setting (free with meal delivery)
☐ Medication reminder
☐ Menu planning: $3.00 each
☐ Meal delivery: $3.00 each


($9.00 per every 15 mins or $30 per hour)

☐ Assist with walking (accompany walks)
☐ Encourage mobility/independence

Senior woman walking with caregiver at Fellowship Square


☐ Escorting services (via wheelchair; Walking assistance to campus activities): $9.00 each way
☐ Accompany services (to stores or doctor appointments; must be scheduled): $30.00 per hour
☐ Going grocery shopping for resident: $15.00 (to Fry’s, Walmart, Albertsons)
☐ Pickup/drop off: $15.00 each way (pharmacy, post office)
☐ Transportation for appointments out of the local area (by the mile and an additional hourly charge for caregiver)


($9.00 per every 15 mins or $30 per hour)

☐ Dusting, sweeping/vacuuming, rotating mattress
☐ Cleaning bathroom, kitchen
☐ Cleaning refrigerator
☐ Ironing
☐ Removing trash
☐ Organizing
☐ Watering plants

Laundry Services Pickup & Delivery

($10 per load)

☐ Laundry: $10 per load
☐ Bed linen change: $10
☐ Bio laundry extra: $6 per load
☐ Laundry detergent extra: $1
☐ Dry cleaner drop-off and delivery: $10

Pet Services

☐ Walking pet: $10
☐ Pet wash/comb: $30
☐ Change cat litter: $5

Woman with her dog at Fellowship Square Independent Living Tucson

Additional Services

($9.00 per every 15 mins or $30 per hour)

☐ Admin Help (bills, write letters, use computer, emails, and more)
☐ Fax ($5 per first 2 pages, any additional page extra $1)
☐ Phone calls (schedule appointments, order prescriptions)
☐ Facetime, Zoom: $9.00 per every 15 min
☐ Mail/Cubby pickup: $5.00

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