Tips for Healthy Eating at Any Age


Everyone knows that a proper diet can contribute to health longevity, and can make all the difference when it comes to preventing disease and illness such as diabetes, heat disease and pre-dementia. However, “eating healthy” can be easier said then done. With a few simple tips, maintaining a healthy eating routine can be done without feeling deprived — and while really enjoying what’s on the plate.

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Nutritious eating at any age should include a balance of vegetables, fruit, lean protein, good fats, and complex carbohydrates like beans and whole grains. Remember that not all carbs are created equal. “Simple” carbohydrates are sugary, heavily processed foods like cereal, pie, cookies, cupcakes, etc. Complex carbohydrates are naturally occurring in good-for-the-body foods that are rich in fiber and digest more slowly – keeping the body feeling fuller longer.

While at one time, three “square meals” a day was the way meals were served, today’s eating schedule can vary. An eating schedule consisting of five or six mini meals a day may keep the body more satisfied and help avoid that hungry feeling when bad eating choices are likely to be made. Following the eating schedule that works for each person’s individual needs is another key to consistent healthy eating. 

As with anything, it’s important to have a positive attitude toward nutrition and fueling the body property, versus thinking of eating healthfully as a restrictive “diet” or that healthy food is “boring.” Adjusting the mindset to thinking of eating healthy as a gift to oneself can go a long way towards approaching eating healthy as a lifestyle change for the better.

It’s also important to make eating healthy fun and delicious! Getting inspired by Pinterest or taking a cooking class with a friend can make eating healthy and learning to cook a fun and even social activity. It also makes things easier when invited to a potluck or group party where unhealthy foods may take precedence, bringing one’s own healthy dish solves any issue of “what to eat.”

Prior to making a drastic or sudden change in eating habits, it’s important to check with a physician. One’s own doctor is aware of personalized medical history individual to each patient, and can recommend a plan that will work best for each. After the Doc’s ok, have fun in the kitchen and enjoy all the amazing healthy benefits that come with eating a proper diet including improved energy, sleep and mood!  

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