2017 LeadingAge Fitness Challenge


On March 1, LeadingAge sponsored a fitness challenge for seniors that included a variety of athletic events, such as Wii Bowling, an obstacle course, a basketball bounce and a half mile walk. 

Arizona LeadingAge is a voice for not-for-profit and other mission-driven organizations dedicated to providing quality housing, healthcare and community-based services for Arizona's seniors. The 2017 Fitness Challenge was a friendly competition among Arizona LeadingAge communities, and each community was limited to 13 participants.

“The Movers & Shakers” was the team from Fellowship Square Phoenix, with 11 residents participating, three alternates and four staff members attending. Two of the team’s athletes, Evogene Stephens and Betty Poteet, competed in two events in the competition.

Janet Kenisberg, part of the Fellowship Square Tucson team, said she wants people to know that everyone can be physically active, regardless of age.

“Staying fit keeps you from developing illnesses. It keeps you strong and healthy, both mentally and physically. It also feels good – when you’re down, you can do a little exercise and you feel better,” she said.

Evie Mordka, another participant, added that she strives to stay active in order to prevent complacency.

“It’s important to stay as physically active as you can for the length of time you have. I think any type of contest is fun and valuable,” she said.

In addition to the competitive events, there was a fun walk, line dance demonstrations and a new event, the executive leader competition.

All of our campuses had athletes in the competition. Brent Edler, from Fellowship Square Tucson, made it to the semi-finals of the basketball bounce challenge. We are so proud of all those who competed!

 LeadingAge Fitness Challenge Winners

LeadingAge Fitness Challenge Participants

LeadingAge Fitness Challenge Team

LeadingAge Fitness Challenge Winners

LeadingAge Fitness Challenge Participants

Fellowship Square

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