Tech-Savvy Tips for Seniors


The modern world is dependent upon computers, smart phones, tablets and other electronic personal devices. While today’s seniors grew up without these high-tech conveniences, it’s not too late for them to jump on the high-tech wave of the future! With these tips, seniors can segue into the modern world of technology.

Elderly couple with technology


--One Tech at a Time

Technology can easily become overwhelming for people who have been hand-winding their watch or rotary-dialing their telephone. Moving into the world of technology one item at a time can keep seniors from feeling overwhelmed by too much new data all at once. Start with the most important form of technology — if the senior likes to talk with family and friends from afar, begin with a smartphone. If he or she loves to read, a Kindle or other reader-friendly personal tablet is a great place to start. If she keeps a journal or likes to write letters to friends, a personal laptop/email is the way to go.


--Use Tech Time as Bonding Time

The younger generation grew up with technology — it’s like their second language. For seniors with grandchildren, this is an opportune time to ask for their help! Spending time learning about technology from the up-and-coming generation is an ideal way for seniors to learn about modern methods while bonding with their grandkids. In exchange, seniors can awe their grandchildren with their upbringings without technology as a form of entertainment and communication!


--Get Acquainted with Apps

Apps on a smartphone or tablet are easy ways to keep track of appointments, schedule daily alerts (for taking medication or other daily tasks), record fitness and nutrition goals, and communicate with loved ones via social media platforms such as Facebook. Most apps are free or cost only a nominal fee and can do everything from helping seniors organize their schedules to providing endless entertainment.


--Protect the Password

Passwords are needed for access to nearly everything in the tech world. For the sake of remembering these, it’s easier to choose just one password for entry to all the sites and apps seniors interact with; however, that’s an open door to all secure areas if one password/site becomes compromised. Selecting different passwords for each portal is important. Keep a “password list” somewhere private so it can be accessed when needed. It’s also important to avoid using personal information in a password/username such as full names and/or addresses.


When it comes to technology, there is a vast amount to learn — and the information and technology is constantly changing! It’s tough for anyone to keep up, not just seniors! Keeping that in mind will help keep things in perspective when diving into the high-tech world.

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