New Years’ Resolution-Making Tips for Seniors


A New Year marks a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and making changes for personal betterment. However, there is a lot of pressure surrounding making and keeping resolutions starting January 1. Resolutions are best kept when they are reasonable, well thought out and challenging yet attainable. Fellowship Square offers the following tips to help seniors keep their 2018 resolutions.

Start Small | There is no need add stress to resolutions or self-improvement goals. Regardless of the goal, setbacks are inevitable. If the bar is set too high from the get-go, this can be discouraging to seniors. Making short-term as well as long-term goals can be helpful toward making “baby steps” toward achievements. Recognition of every achievement – big and small – is an important part of the resolution process, too!

Step Outside the Box | While many people make health or fitness related goals, resolutions are a time to self-reflect and adjust one’s lifestyle accordingly. This is also a good time to step beyond one’s comfort zone. For seniors in a new community or living environment, this is an opportunity to set out-of-the-box goals such as becoming more social, trying a new group activity or introducing oneself to new neighbors.

Pinpoint the “Why” | Oftentimes people make resolutions, but they don’t attach a motivator or significance to it. For example, if a senior makes a resolution to see family more, they should also note why – such as so they can become closer with their adult children, have a presence in their grandchildren’s lives, or leave behind a legacy. Or if the resolution is exercising more or eating more healthfully, they should ask themselves what is the real end goal — losing weight, boosting moods or having more energy? Pinpointing the real reason for the resolution will make it more tangible and help keep seniors’ “eyes on the prize.”

Commit, Commit, Commit | It’s easy to get off track or have a minor setback, but one (or two, or even three…) incident needn’t be cause to abandon well-intentioned resolutions. Seniors should remember why they set their resolutions and what they are trying to attain long term (better health, closer connections with family, and making new friends). A vision board, reminders on the refrigerator and inspiring quotes or books can be great ways to help seniors commit to their goals.

Build a Support Team | Whether it’s friends, family or caregivers, seniors should share their goals and resolutions so that their loved ones can not only be supportive but also offer help in any way they can. If the resolution is to exercise more, seniors can recruit a neighborhood friend to meet up a few times a week for a walk-and-talk session. If the goal is to try a new hobby, they can ask a family member if they wants to sign up for an art class together.

Sticking to resolutions can be hard – that’s why most resolutions are abandoned by the time February rolls around. But that needn’t be the case. Fellowship Square encourages residents to make goals within reach and don’t give up!

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