Honoring Veterans on Veterans Day


November 11th is an important day of recognition for those who have served in the U.S. military, which many seniors and residents of Fellowship Square have done. There are many ways that caretakers and loved ones can show appreciation for the veterans in their lives on this day and ways to honor the day together. Fellowship Square offers the following ideas.


Give Thanks | A simple “thank you for your service” can mean so much to a veteran. Sending a card to express these sentiments as well. Meaningful handmade cards from grandchildren are always received a smile. 


Rock a Poppy | The American Legion Auxiliary distributes red crepe paper poppies around the country on Veterans Day, but those wishing to pay homage can also make their own. Family members can get little ones involved in making their own version of the American Legion’s famed red poppy and giving them out to veterans and residents of a senior living community or nursing home. 


Attend a Community Parade | For seniors that like to get out and about, Veterans Day activities and parades are typically abundant across the country November 11th or the weekend prior/after. Check local event listings and be sure to plan ahead when attending a parade — including arriving early to get a good spot (where the veteran senior can sit) and accounting for the fact that parking far away and lots of walking may be involved. Allow the senior rest breaks or another mode of transportation (such as a wheelchair or mobility scooter) if needed. 


Plant Flags | Many community organizations or neighborhoods plant flags at cemeteries as a way to honor and remember veterans that have passed. Volunteering to help is a great way to spend the day with the veteran loved one as well as honor others.


Treat The Veteran to a Special Meal | Whether making a favorite homemade dish or enjoying dining out together (bonus: many restaurants offer veterans’ discounts year-round and may even offer a free meal for veterans on or around November 11th), spending time over a meal with a veteran is a simple yet heartfelt way to honor this holiday.


Last but not least it’s important to remember veterans on November 11th, but it’s also important to honor them all year round. Those who served put their life on the line for the safety and protection of the country — and many paid the ultimate sacrifice. For their service and dedication, Fellowship Square sends a sincere “thank you” to all veterans. 


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