Tips for Caring for Mother Earth

Monday April 23, 2018

While Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22, Mother Earth should be honored every day! There is so much that inhabitants of the planet can do to care for it and make it a better, cleaner place for future generations. Fellowship Square suggests fun and simple ways seniors can help care for Mother Earth.

Grow Something — This simple task can do so much. For example, it can provide nourishment. (Citrus trees grow particularly well in Arizona and the fruit is oh-so-sweet). It can also provide joy. Growing beautiful flowers to look at every day is an underestimated way to find small joys in each day. It can also be therapeutic to have something else to care for. Many also find digging in the dirt to be a great way to connect with nature. And in the vein of connectivity, planting a tree or flowers with an adult child or grandchildren can create, or tighten, a bond.

Volunteer — There are numerous organizations that offer volunteer clean up service programs in neighborhoods, communities and even other countries for those enjoy a dose of travel with the volunteer efforts. This is not only a great way to care for Mother Earth and give back, it’s another great way for seniors to become part of a group and meet some new like-minded friends.

Remember the “Three Rs” — Reduce, reuse, recycle. These three little words have so much power when it comes to conservation of the planet’s resources. Little acts every day such as taking a quick shower instead of a bath, turning off the faucet while brushing teeth and washing dishes in the sink with soapy water instead of letting the water run down the drain are all tiny changes that can have a big impact. Recycling programs are very important as well. For seniors that are downsizing, “reduce” can really come into play, and donating those no-longer-needed items is a great way to give gently used furniture and décor a second lease on life!

Consider Composting — Composting can be done on a small scale with countertop composters that are discreet and provide an easy way to compost foods like vegetable and fruit waste, coffee grounds, tea bags, stale bread and more. This compost can eventually be used to help a garden flourish — win-win!

There are countless little ways that add up to big changes for Mother Earth. This Earth Day, and every day Fellowship Square invites residents to consider how they can make an impact on the planet. 


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