Tips for Seniors on Starting a New Hobby


In retirement, seniors may have more time to finally enjoy some of the passions they’ve had over the course of their lifetime but perhaps were too busy with work and raising families to dedicate much time to. The Golden Years are a great time for seniors to focus on the things they love to do and the way they enjoy spending their time. For seniors who are looking for a new hobby to pursue, Fellowship Square offers the following tips:

Consider Likes/Dislikes (Beyond the Activity Itself) | There are countless hobbies and interests to pass the time, but when searching for  a new hobby, it’s important to consider all the aspects. For example, someone who enjoys quiet/solo activities may like knitting or crocheting, writing poetry or even a book, while a more social senior may seek a group hobby like playing cards once a week with neighbors and friends. 

Give Back | For those that enjoy volunteer work and community service, there are so many ways to participate. Whether it means donating time at a local shelter, helping to collect much-needed goods for the homeless or offering to lead story time for toddlers at a nearby library, seniors are a valued part of the service and volunteer network. 

Lend a Hand | “Hands on” hobbies are great for those who enjoy being outside or working with their hands. From woodworking to gardening, finger-painting or clay-pottery making, there are many activities that seniors can do with their hands (great for maintaining dexterity!) and have the bonus end result of fresh herbs or produce to eat, or clay pots, art, or a mural to display.

Get Sporty | Combining a hobby with a sport is a great way to get some physical activity in every day. From speed walking the neighborhood with a friend, enjoying water aerobics, golf or any other activity, there are so many ways to make sports hobbies a regular part of any seniors’ routine. Seniors or caretakers should ensure the activity is appropriate for their age/health prior to starting.

Be Patient | Learning any new skill, sport or activity takes time, so as a caregiver or loved one, make sure that the senior does not get frustrated with the new hobby so much so that it causes unnecessary stress or pressure. A new hobby should simply be a fun part of the day, not a source of anxiety to “get it right” or be the best. Seniors pursuing a new hobby should take it one day at a time and don’t feel “married” to the hobby if they end up not liking it as much as they thought they might.

Regardless of what hobby (or hobbies) a senior chooses to partake in, it should be about having fun! Fellowship Square invites caretakers and family members to help the seniors in their lives find a hobby they love to spend their time participating in! 



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