Pain Management Tips for Seniors: New Methods, Treatment and Diagnosis

Sunday September 09, 2018

In honor of Pain Awareness Month this September, Fellowship Square delves into the topic. With tips, treatments and new methods of management, seniors can painlessly enjoy their Golden Years.

Chronic pain is a common diagnosis in today’s world, especially in later age. Different from acute pain, which is the body’s reactionary sensation to a possible injury, chronic pain persists for weeks, months or even years if not treated or managed properly. It can rear its ugly head after an initial injury or can be the result of an ongoing cause such as illness or other health issues. It can also limit a senior’s movements, flexibility and strength, making it difficult to enjoy day-to-day activities, sports and everyday life.

Fellowship Square advises that any senior with chronic or acute pain should see their physician and discuss the best plan for treatment. However, there are many options. Aside from medications, electrical stimulation, nerve blockers and even surgery can help treat, reduce or eliminate pain. Some seniors may also want to look into alternate treatments such as tai chi, acupuncture and massage therapy. While opioids are a common medication prescribed to manage chronic pain, they are known for their addictive properties. However, for most adults who don’t have alcohol or  substance abuse issues that need not be a concern, even if taken for long periods of time.

Chronic pain is not something that seniors, or anyone, should simply resolve to “deal with.” There are many options for treatment and management, even natural home remedies. In fact, exercise is one of the top recommended methods to reduce chronic pain. Those that have not been regularly exercising should check with their doctor before starting an exercise regimen and start slowly. Walking is a wonderful, low-impact exercise that is suitable for all ages and fitness abilities. Heat and cooling therapies such as heating pads, warm Epsom salt baths and icing sore body parts can also reduce inflammation, which often accompanies chronic pain. Studies have even shown that meditation can help reduce pain, while other research shows that resveratrol, found fruit such as grapes and berries but also red wine can help with pain management. Cheers to that!

Fellowship Square understands that pain can be a real pain, making everyday activities more difficult. However, with proper treatment chronic pain does not have to interfere with a happy, healthy and active senior!


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