Making and Keeping New Year’s Resolutions in 2019


It’s a brand new year! For many people, that means it’s time to make those New Year’s resolutions. Forbes estimates approximately 40 percent of Americans make resolutions at the start of a new year. However, the amount of people that keep those resolutions is alarmingly slim — a study out of the University of Scranton suggests only 8 percent of people who make resolutions actually achieve them! Fellowship Square offers seniors tips for making and keeping their resolutions this year.

Be Specific | When creating goals for a new year (or any time — as it turns out, there is no evidence that making resolutions at the start of a new year will ensure people will stick to them!), really drill down the goal. For example, instead of saying “I will stick to a budget,” seniors should set a specific monthly amount they need to stay within. For those that wish to slim down or eat more healthfully, determining an exercise schedule and a specific nutrition plan can be helpful towards making and accomplishing those specific goals.


Be Realistic | It’s also important to be realistic about the goals that are being set. Before resolving to eat right, quit smoking or drinking, or stay on a super-strict budget, resolution-makers should truly consider their reasoning for why they want to accomplish these things and also how they plan to do it. While it’s fantastic to reach for the stars in regards to self-improvement, seniors should also set realistic goals for what they can accomplish — taking into account the time they have to dedicate each day to these goals or any health concerns or limitations.


Make a Plan | Much like writing out those specific goals, it’s important for seniors to plan out how they are going to meet and exceed their resolutions. Going back to those specific goals — if the budget goal is to stick within a certain amount each month, seniors can jot out how available funds need to be divvied up for bills, necessities, savings and even “fun money.” For those wanting to lose weight or eat more healthfully could plan to join a gym or schedule in time for exercise three to five days a week, and then create a weekly meal plan to follow. It’s also a good idea for seniors to break down large goals into mini goals to prevent feeling overwhelmed.


Be Accountable | Accountability is an important part of achieving any goal. Whether using the help of an app or a “partner in crime” with similar resolutions, being accountable to something can help seniors achieve their goals. Meeting a neighbor or friend for a walk, exercise class or game of tennis gives both parties someone to be accountable to. Plus, having a buddy that shares a common goal makes achieving it together more fun! It can also be helpful to post the goal in plain view – on a vanity or dresser mirror or the refrigerator, for example, to keep seniors accountable each day.


Fellowship Square wishes its residents, caretakers and family a very Happy New Year! 


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