Bible Study: Tips for Reading the Bible


For many people, reading the bible from cover to cover is a “bucket list” item — but also a daunting task. For seniors, retirement often provides the time for those that wish to accomplish this goal. Fellowship Square shares tips for how to start reading the bible and get the most out of every page.


Consider the Version — There are several versions of the bible. Some have been paraphrased and some are translated in English in varying levels of ease of readability. Another option is a “study” bible, which can include “extras” to help readers such as summaries at the beginning of each book, additional information within the text, answers to frequently asked questions, word definitions, lists of key verses/parables and where to find them, maps of the time period and more.


Make a Commitment — When committing to reading the entire bible, there’s no need to put a “deadline” on it or timeframe in which it should be finished. However, making a commitment to read for 20 minutes each day for example, will help those wanting to read the entire bible achieve their goal. That said, when reading the bible, the purpose for many is to find answers or achieve spiritual enlightenment. So it’s important to take the time to really digest and comprehend each page as well as reflect on what was read and understand how the lessons can be applied to experience greater joy every day.


Create a Reading Nook — Reading is an almost addictive hobby for some, but setting out to read a giant book may not feel quite so easy others. When reading the bible, choose or create a quiet, inviting and comfortable spot with good lighting, a soft, cozy blanket and a side table for a glass or water or cup or tea to enjoy while taking in the bible. 


Consider the Order — While reading cover to cover works for nearly every other book, the bible, is unique. There are various books within the bible so many experts suggest specific orders of reading the books versus reading from front to back or even just opening it at random to search for meaning or a special passage. Do some research prior to reading the bible to discover what experts suggest as far as where to start — and end.


Join a Bible Study Group — Because the bible can be daunting, joining or creating a bible study group can make this solo effort a team project! Reading together, discussing passages or chapters, and simply bonding with others that have the same goal of reading the entire bible can be a great way to make this activity more fun while making new friends in the process. 


Finally, when finished — celebrate! Reading the bible is definitely a task, yet ultimately highly rewarding not only just to have the accomplishment but then to have all the knowledge of the pages under one’s belt. So recognize the effort and be proud! Fellowship Square encourages residents and staff alike to read the bible when seeking comfort, knowledge, solace and love. 




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