Hosting a Multi-Generational Christmas Celebration


When it comes to having the whole family over to celebrate Christmas, it’s likely that the age range of family members will range from little ones to seniors. And that adds to the fun! There can be a way for every member of the family to participate in the celebration and multiple ways for multi-generations to bond regardless of age. Fellowship Square offers the following tips.


Ditch the “Kids’ Table” — Sitting around the table together, whether a high chair is squeezed between Mom and Grandma or the teenagers are helping the little ones with their plates, gives the entire family a chance to communicate and bond versus separating out guests based on age. To get everyone talking, go around the table and pull conversation starter ideas out of a jar such as “best memory of the year,” “most fun family vacation,” “memory you are ready to leave behind in 2019” and more.


Serve Something for Everyone — Speaking of the table, in addition to who is seated at the table it’s important to consider the meal itself so that it includes something for everyone. Little ones might be intimidated by a big turkey or their palate’s might not be ready for something like prime rib whereas some seniors may have restrictions on what they can eat based on health recommendations or otherwise. When planning the menu, keep special dietary needs and restrictions in mind so that everyone of every age can come to the table and enjoy at least one dish.


Offer Age Appropriate Activities — Young kids can decorate cookies (be prepared for the mess!), teens can create the perfect Christmas music playlist, and adults and seniors can help out in the kitchen. And all ages can get involved in an after dinner game of football, a round of karaoke, or cuddle around the TV to watch Christmas movies. Make sure there are plenty of activities that appeal to multiple groups and all ages. 


Get out of the House — Hanging around the house is a nice way for everyone to be able to mix and mingle, but there are also so many fun things to do around Christmas time such as going to see a show like the Nutcracker or simply driving around to look at Christmas lights. Depending on the size of the family, consider renting a van or mini bus (even a trolley if the weather isn’t too chilly) so that everyone can ride together. Or stay within the community and go caroling around the neighborhood.


Regardless of what the family does on Christmas or how each family celebrates — it’s important to place emphasis on the real reason for the season, the birth of Jesus Christ and to celebrate simply being together with loved ones. Fellowship Square extends it warmest Christmas wishes to its residents, staff, caregivers and loved ones. 



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