Helping Seniors Have a Stress-less Christmas


For many people, the hustle bustle of the holiday season is exciting and even energizing. However, for seniors that are ailing, have memory issues, are limited in mobility or dealing with other issues, the holidays can cause added stress. 


Forgo Festivals and Big Parties — Large crowds, being out in the cold and doing things for long periods of time are all things that can be seriously draining for some seniors — and this can cause unnecessary stress. Seniors with memory issues can get overwhelmed or disoriented when removed from their “comfort zones” and they may not even appreciate or fully understand the event or activity in the way their loved one has intended.


Take it Slow — This is the season of rush, rush, rush… but many seniors, though they once may have been very active in their younger years, no longer manage well at that pace. So it’s important to recognize limitations and be respectful of the extra time that may be need to walk to the car, for example. Speaking of taking it slow, simply spending a day being with a senior, even if that just means sitting and chatting, is a soothing and stress-free way to spend the holiday — for the loved one as well!


Ditch the Presents — Having to go out and shop for family members can be another added stress for seniors, especially during this busy time of year and it could become a chore rather than a joy. Simply being together can be the focus of any holiday gatherings. And making sure that seniors feel loved, safe and cared for during the holidays can be so comforting as well.


Attend a Mass — While the presence of faith is important in all stages or life, many seniors that are sick or in pain seek the word of the Lord more than ever before. It’s important to recognize the power of God, especially on Christmas Day! Attending mass together is sure to be a beautiful and stress-free way to celebrate the real reason for the season.


Take Some Down Time — Cuddle up with a cup of tea or hot chocolate, tell stories, read Christmas stories or the bible, watch holiday movies and just enjoy some time spent together that doesn’t have to involve ever leaving the house! 


Fellowship Square wishes all their residents, staff, caretakers and family members a beautiful, safe and stress-free Christmas. 


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