2019 Fitness Trends — What to Try and What to Pass By


It seems with each New Year, as people make their fitness resolutions, there are just as many new fitness fads to match the number of people that vow to make exercise a regular part of their to-do lists. But not all fitness trends are created equal… some make their way into the mainstream while others just fall by the wayside. Fellowship Square reveals some of the top fitness trends of 2019… and what didn’t make the cut.


Every fall, the American College of Sports Medicine unveils their latest top 10 list of fitness trends for the upcoming year. In 2019, their list, based on a survey, included the following:


  1. Wearable Technology
  2. Group Training
  3. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  4. Fitness Programming for Older Adults
  5. Bodyweight Training
  6. Employing Certified Fitness Professionals
  7. Yoga
  8. Personal Training
  9. Functional Fitness Training
  10. Exercise is Medicine


Not all of the trends apply to senior citizens, but it is interesting to note that fitness programming for older adults is near the top of the list. Seniors are continuing to focus on staying healthy and fit long into their golden years contributing to longer, healthier lives. 


While group training holding strong in the No. 2 spot, fitness trendsetters note that group training has evolved over the years from large “one size fits all” classes to “WOD”  — a buzz word in gyms today. A WOD is simply the “Workout of the Day” at some gyms, a guideline for individuals to follow through a workout at their own time and pace, or circuit style with a group versus all following a single instructor all at one time.


Yoga has gained more Western recognition in recent years; however, it has a centuries-old history that dates far beyond most fitness trends. However, specific practices such as hot yoga seem to have waned in popularity. For seniors, practicing in extreme temperatures may not be the best way to kick off a new fitness resolution anyway. And while wearable technology tops the list, it may not be a necessity for seniors depending on each individual. Some enjoy adding a technology element to their workouts to help track their progress or keep themselves accountable, while others may find it to be just another unnecessary step or new “tool” they have to learn how to use. 


Ultimately, there will always be trends that come and go, and there will always be tried and true exercises that may not make the “trends” lists year after year but that offer steady, effective results — such as strength training, walking/running, swimming and more. Regardless of the trends, it’s important for seniors to find workouts that they enjoy, that work for them and that they can return to time and again to get the results they are after. Fellowship Square invites seniors to give some new fitness trends a try, and see what works for them in 2019! 


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