The Importance of Maintaining a Regular Health and Fitness Routine as a Senior


Staying active plays a large part of a person’s health at any stage in life. As a senior, it has its own set of benefits so it’s important as people age that they maintain (or start – it’s never too late!) a regular exercise routine and healthy eating habits. In honor of National Senior Health and Fitness Day, which is recognized on Wednesday, May 29, Fellowship Square offers the following tips for staying healthy and fit through the golden years. 


Find What Works — Eating right and exercising can be something one looks forward to… or it can be a real hassle. It all depends on each individual and their attitude towards getting fit and healthy. But beyond that, it’s about finding what works to make eating right and being active an enjoyable part of each day instead of something that one dreads. It’s important to have realistic expectations for lifestyle and behavioral changes, as many times maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle means giving up some not-so-healthy habits. Some people are able to go “cold turkey” to leave bad habits behind while others may find success by making small changes one at a time towards a healthier, more active lifestyle. 


Start Slow — For those that have been sedentary or inactive for a long time, getting fit may seem daunting. However, all it takes is the first step… and the next one after that. Before long exercising on a regular basis and eating right will seem like old hat. Starting slow and giving oneself time to adapt to a new lifestyle change is key in maintaining those changes for the long haul.


Check with the Doc — It’s important that seniors check with their physician before starting a new eating plan or new exercise routine. Based on their health history, their doctor may have advice on what is best for that individual when it comes to both the foods they should be eating to best fuel their body, and the type of workouts or exercise routines (such as low-impact cardio for those with joint pain, for example) that could be most beneficial for them.


Be Experimental — Seniors shouldn’t be afraid to try new things! Whether that means trying a new approach to eating vegetables or giving a new exercise class at the gym a try, experimenting can really be the spice of life when it comes to maintaining health and fitness over time. Being adventurous and willing to try new things is what keeps things interesting in the kitchen or the gym!


Regardless of age and fitness level, there is no time like the present to kick-off a health and fitness routine. Eating right and being fit can add precious years onto one’s life — and make those years enjoyable thanks to the all benefits of being healthy and active. Fellowship Square encourages residents and all seniors to take the first steps to getting fit and healthy this National Senior Health and Fitness Day! Seniors can learn more about National Senior Health and Fitness Day activities here.

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