Tips for Healthy Aging in Honor of Healthy Aging Month


More than 20 years ago, Carolyn Worthington, editor in chief of Healthy Aging Magazine and executive direction of Healthy Aging, designated September as Healthy Aging Month, “an annual health observance designed to focus national attention on the positive aspects of growing older.” After all, perspective and attitude are everything, right? 


In an article on, Worthington notes that September is a great time to designate as Healthy Aging Month as it is a “time when many people think about getting started on new tasks after the summer.” And it’s never a bad time — nor is it ever too late — to redirect focus on one’s health.  Fellowship Square shares more about how seniors can live their best — and healthiest — lives in their golden years.


Get Active — Physical fitness is so important in all stages of life. For seniors that suffer with joint pain or other physical ailments, activity may seem daunting. However, exercise can actually be the catalyst for reduced pain, swelling and inflammation. Seniors should always check with their physician to ensure they are healthy enough for specific activity and get their physician’s advice about an exercise program suited for their needs. Walking, yoga and water aerobics are all low-intensity activities that can benefit the whole body.


Practice Proper Nutrition — Hippocrates may have been the first to recognize food as medicine and medicine as food, but that notion seems to be enjoying a resurgence as of late… And for good reason! The right foods can fuel the body properly — and fresh whole foods are delicious too! Eating a variety of each food group, with an emphasis on fresh produce can be the key to a long, healthy life. 


Medication Moderation — For seniors that are experiencing memory loss or dementia, caregivers and loved ones may need to step in to ensure any medication they are taking is being properly administered. As they age and experience memory issues, seniors could forget to take it altogether or forgot they previously took it and accidentally take more than prescribed. 


Maintain Routine Check-ups — It’s important for seniors to see their general physician on a regular basis but also keep up with regular dental check-ups (and cleanings) and eye appointments, too. As people age, oral and ocular issues can actually be symptoms of other health problems. 


Get Enough Rest — While sleep tends to be underrated in terms of its crucial role in maintaining proper health at any age, more and more studies are beginning to unveil its importance. Seniors should develop a routine bedtime and aim to get somewhere between seven to nine hours of restful sleep every night.


Fellowship Square finds joy in serving the seniors of Arizona — and loves to see them enjoying their golden years. For those wishing to take hold of their health, they should know that it’s never too late! However, they should always seek advice from their doctor before embarking on a new eating plan or exercise program. 


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