Connecting with the Lord During the Holidays

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Connecting with the Lord During the Holidays

The arrival of Thanksgiving week marks the unofficial arrival of the holidays! This should be a joyous time to reunite with family and friends, but for many reasons this year’s celebrations may be different for seniors. The holiday season can sometimes be lonely for seniors who have lost loved ones or who can’t be with family during celebratory times, especially amid COVID-19 safety concerns.


Fellowship Square reminds seniors that the Lord is always by their side and encourages them to connect with Him during the holidays when seeking comfort and joy.


If it has been some time since attending church or even saying a prayer, it’s never too late to connect with the Lord. The holidays, especially Jesus’ birth, is a particularly wonderful time to reconnect with God and join in the celebration of the Jesus’ miraculous arrival. This can bring happiness and feelings of solace to seniors that are feeling lonely this season. Fellowship Square suggests starting with a simple outreach to God through prayer. This can be done in one’s own home at the beginning or end of the day. Giving thanks is a great way to begin. And seniors should remember that it’s okay to ask God for the help they need to endure whatever challenges they are facing.


Many churches may be offering virtual sermons and special holiday sermons so seniors should be sure to check out those opportunities to connect with the Lord in the safety and comfort of their own homes this season. And of course, the Lord is everywhere, so they shouldn’t feel as though they need to actually be in church to be heard by Him. God is always ready to listen to His children, anytime and anywhere.


Reading scripture and positive verses from the Bible can also be a great way for seniors to connect with the Lord during the holiday season. This is also something they can do alone, with a loved one or neighbor, or even via FaceTime with those far away. Singing traditional hymns and classic Christmas tunes about the joy of the season is another spirited and spiritual way for seniors to get in sync with the Lord this holiday. Putting together a virtual holiday sing-a-ling with family and friends is sure to stir up joyous feeling this season.


There are so many ways to connect with the Lord over the holidays. Feeling connected to God can help eliminate seniors’ feelings of loneliness, sadness or even helplessness not just during the holidays, but every day. Fellowship Square encourages seniors to look to the Lord for strength and for joy, and wishes all its residents, staff, and their families a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

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