Safety Tips for Active Seniors


The Golden Years are all about relaxation and enjoyment! Many seniors finally have the time to travel, adventure and explore their lives in another way after retirement. However, even for active seniors that are young at heart (and mind, body, and soul!), it’s important to keep safety in mind at all times. Fellowship Square shares the following safety tips:


Use the Buddy System — When exercising, trimming trees in the yard or doing any other physical or strenuous activity, don’t go it alone. Even if out doing yard work, make sure a partner is home or that a neighbor or friend is within range in case of a fall. It’s also a good idea for those that live alone to let a friend or loved one know when they are going out for a hike or heading out of town. It never hurts to have a trusted person know a senior’s whereabouts.


Give it Time — It’s also important to spread out tasks that are physically wearing on the body. As people age, they may feel like they are still 40 years old, but their bodies may need more breaks. Always listen to and be respectful of what the body is trying to say. Drink plenty of water, rest up and then get back at it after a little downtime.


Get Enough Rest — Speaking of rest, the adequate amount of sleep one needs to properly function is highly underrated. Getting the right amount of sleep for each person’s specific body can make a world of difference in how they feel on the daily. Trying to be active (or even doing regular tasks such as driving) while under rested can be a dangerous thing for seniors. 


Drink Enough Water — Another seemingly simple safety tips for active seniors is to drink plenty of water. Sometimes medications can cause dehydration or some seniors may just not feel thirsty. However, dehydration can cause lethargy, headaches, cramps, heart palpitations, lightheadedness and weakness. So drink up in the name of healthy and safety.


Get Hip with Technology — There are a multitude of apps that make well pretty much everything easier! From setting reminders to take medications to monitoring heart beats for those with A-fib or other heart ailments, getting a hand from technology can be a very safe and comforting feature — particularly for those that live alone.


Fellowship Square encourages active seniors to stay fit and active (so long as their doctors approve!), which is an important element of health. However, it’s important to recognize and respect the body’s signals for when it’s time to slow down or take a break.  


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