Finding Strength in Prayer


There are many times that seniors may be looking for a source of strength – if they lose a loved one, if they become ill or if they are moving from their longtime home into an assisted living facility. All of these things can cause fear, sadness or anxiety. However, in times of need, the Lord is an unending source of love, support and strength. Fellowship Square offers tips for seniors to help them find strength through prayer.


For those that don’t normally pray, it can seem a little daunting. However, there is no right or wrong way to pray. And God doesn’t only listen to prayers that come through in church. Seniors should find a comfortable spot — whether that means on a comfortable couch at home or as they are on a nature walk. Simply beginning by talking as though talking with a friend can make prayer seem 


Seniors shouldn’t be afraid to ask for exactly what they need through prayer. Each prayer can be as specific or as simple as the senior desires, but it’s okay to ask. It’s also just as powerful to simply reflect on what God has already provided — and thank him for those gifts. Beginning prayer with thanks is a great place to start.


Reading the Bible is another way to seek support and strength. It can also help seniors who are in need of a passage that really resonates with their current feelings or situation. Reading scripture can help seniors have more effective and powerful communication with God as well as provide them with inspiration for their prayers. 


Making prayer a part of every single day can make it easier and more familiar for seniors that are just beginning to pray. Seniors can chose a specific time and location in which to dedicate to prayer each day. A prayer session does not require a lot of time or preparation — just a quiet place in which a senior feels comfortable connecting with the Lord. 


Asked with expectation is an important part of prayer that may seem particularly unfamiliar for seniors that don’t typically like to ask for help or expect anything from anyone, especially God. However, within the Bible itself via Matthew 7:7, the words are clear that God wants his children to ask for what they need and expect to receive it: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”


Once seniors begin praying on a regular basis, they should watch closely for signs from the Lord and pay attention to the comfort, solace and strength they begin to feel through this simple yet powerful action. Fellowship Square invites seniors to look to God in time of need and prayer for strength anytime. 


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