Ways to Honor and Celebrate Earth Day


On April 22, the world celebrates Mother Earth with her very own day. While many group activities typically held in her honor may not be taking place this year, there are still many ways seniors can celebrate Earth Day without even leaving the house! Fellowship Square offers the following ways to honor Earth Day this year.


Speaking of not leaving the house… why not give the car a break? Not just on this day, but as a commitment to Earth indefinitely. For those quick trips to a nearby store, consider walking or biking instead of driving. This not only contributes less pollution into the air over time (and every bit helps!), the added exercise is a great way to maintain health. 


While the car is taking a break, why not take a little break from electronics, too? In favor of A/C, open the doors and windows to enjoy the beautiful spring weather (while it lasts!), especially in the mornings and evenings. Shut off the TV and read a book, start a puzzle, do some knitting or explore another hobby that doesn’t require being “plugged in.” Sometimes disconnecting helps people reconnect to something more important.


Practice meditation or yoga. A great way to connect with nature (and one’s self) is to meditate or do yoga. Overtime, these practices offer many benefits including stress relief, mental clarity and more. On Earth Day this year, why not make a commitment to connecting to nature and self though one of these important practices. 


Planting a tree has been a typical Earth Day tradition, but if that’s not possible this year, perhaps even planting some flower seeds or a small potted herb garden for a sill can be the start of a beautiful addition to one’s window to the world. Adding living plants as décor around the home can also add a beautiful and natural design element. Living plants in a home are believed to increase mood and productivity, naturally purify the air, reduce stress and fatigue and more.


Reduce, reuse and recycle. This handy phrase reminds people year round in three easy ways how they can help preserve Mother Earth. Seniors can consider these three ways to do their part, starting on Earth Day and beyond, to conserve resources and reduce their footprint on the planet. 


Fellowship Square encourages residents to make the most of Earth Day this year. If everyone makes one small step towards being more conservative of all resources, that can result in big impacts for Mother Earth.


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