Tips for Starting a Fitness Routine


It’s never too late to start a healthy new habit like exercise. Getting active is essential for body, mind and soul, fitness is a great hobby and it’s also a great way to be social! Fellowship Square offers seniors tips for starting a fitness routine.


Get the Doc’s A-OK — Regardless of age and health issues, everyone should check with their doctor before starting a new fitness routine to make sure they are healthy enough for the type of activity they want to engage in. Doctors can also recommend specific workouts that would be best suited for one’s individual health conditions.


Start Slow — Those that haven’t exercised in a while should begin slowly. Perhaps by walking a mile or riding a bike for about 30 minutes a few times a week at first, then adding to the routine little by little. It’s okay to be a little sore at first, and it’s also okay to push through it as the body becomes used to the movement and exercise. However, seniors should always listen to their bodies and take a rest day as needed. 


Try Something New — While walking, biking and swimming are all fun and excellent sources of fitness, there is a wide world of fitness activities out there, each with their own unique set of benefits for the body. Yoga is particularly great for stretching, flexibility and balance, while strength training builds lean muscle and stamina. 


Schedule it In — When starting up a fitness routine, scheduling it in should be as important as making, and going, a doctor’s appointment or the like. Put it down on the calendar and “attend” to it just as any other commitment.


Find a Source of Motivation — Making a commitment to fitness can take some real self-motivation. Everyone is motivated by different things, so it’s important for seniors to recognize what motivates them and use that as a tool to stay committed. Those that require accountability can join an online group or app that helps them track their exercise; others that are motivated by rewards can make mini goals then “reward” themselves as they achieve each one. 


Enlist a Fitness Buddy — Everything is more fun with a significant other or a friend! Asking a buddy to join in on a fitness challenge can be a great way to keep each other motivated, bond and build healthy habits together!


Fellowship Square encourages seniors to have fun with fitness! There are so many ways to get active that are fun and social. So get creative and get fit! 


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