Virtual Ways to Connect with Seniors

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Virtual Ways to Connect with SeniorsThis year has certainly brought some unexpected challenges — the most obvious one being the COVID-19 pandemic and all the changes to everyday life it’s arrival has forced upon the nation, and the world in general. With new requirements for social distancing and safety, it’s harder to connect in person with loved ones, especially seniors that may have compromised immune systems or that are in nursing homes or hospitals that restrict in person visits. But that doesn’t mean family, friends and loved ones can’t still connect with seniors.

Fellowship Square suggests some easy ways to virtually connect with their beloved seniors.

Plan a Virtual Family Reunion

Through the use of FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and other video formats, it’s easier than ever to get family together — even when they’re scattered around the country. Plan a time for everyone to jump on a call and “visit.” Even just seeing familiar faces can spread some much-needed joy to seniors (and the whole family!) during this difficult time.


Schedule a Routine “Visit”

Aside from a family reunion, a virtual visit doesn’t always have to be a big family affair. Scheduling a routine one-on-one visit with a senior gives them (and the loved one on the other end) something to look forward to. And it doesn’t just have to be a call. Today, people are cooking together, enjoying happy hour, even reading scripture together virtually as a way to connect while being disconnected. 


Become a Pen Pal

The amazing thing that COVID-19 has shown is that people are resilient and creative in distressing times. A perfect example is the revival of pen pals! Many organizations and individuals have resurrected this time honored tradition of writing letters as a way to virtually connect. This is a fun way to multigenerational families to bond… or even strangers! Fellowship Square has its own pen pal/phone pal program that gives people in the community an opportunity to connect with a resident and make their day with a letter or call. This simple act could lead to a lifelong friendship or a new bond with a family member.


Send a Surprise

Seniors love getting mail, so imagine their surprise and joy they’ll feel when they receive an unexpected “special delivery.” This could be a favorite meal, some beautiful flowers or a care package with pampering items or books and puzzles to keep them entertained. Everyone loves a pleasant surprise, right?


When it comes to connecting with seniors during the pandemic, people have time and again proven that with a little determination and innovation, loved ones, family and friends can stay connected, and even reconnect, during this time. It’s just as easy as picking up a pen, or the phone. And these little actions can make a big impact on the life of a senior. 

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