When the Holidays aren’t so Jolly

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When the Holidays aren’t so Jolly

While Christmastime is supposed to be a joyous time for family and loved ones to gather and celebrate the season, it’s not always a “jolly” occasion for seniors. Seniors may have a hard time over the holidays if they are ill, or if they have recently lost their significant other or someone special to them.


Fellowship Square shares some tips to help seniors get through the holidays and for caregivers and loved ones to help make the holidays a little brighter for seniors who are struggling.  


Take it One Day at a Time —

In times of challenges, sadness, or illness, seniors may feel overwhelmed by pain or emotion. But it’s important for them to remember, and for their caregivers to remind them, that things will get easier. For those that are struggling with physical ailments, a slow, casual walk on a nice day can be a great way to distract them from their pain. (Plus, research shows that physical activity oftentimes can help relieve chronic pain.) It may also help for seniors to consider their blessings each day. Rather than allowing the hard times to get the best of them, seniors can make a list of the things they are grateful for. 


Talk to Someone —

If caregivers notice the beloved seniors in their lives are having a difficult time during the holiday season, they should encourage them to talk about it with someone they trust or to seek out a professional therapist. Sometimes simply expressing one’s emotions can help them feel a weight lifted off their shoulders.


Say a Prayer or Attend Mass —

Reaching out to the Lord is always a good way to uplift a senior’s spirits! God is always listening, and seniors should never hesitate to send a prayer in their time of need. For seniors that are feeling less than jolly this season, attending a spirited mass may be just the thing to help them get into the Christmas spirit. Getting in the routine of reciting a mantra of gratitude in the morning and saying some prayers at night may also help seniors through difficult times, whether during the holidays or not.


It’s important for caregivers to recognize that seniors may not think of the holiday season as “merry and bright” if they are ill or have recently lost a loved one. Give seniors some space but also make sure they know they have someone they can count on if they need to talk. Fellowship Square encourages seniors to take it one day at a time and reach out to someone to express their feelings this holiday season. 

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