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Honoring Earth DayEvery April 22, the world celebrates Mother Nature with Earth Day. The event has been taking place since 1970, when the very first Earth Day was celebrated. Since then, EarthDay.org, the official organization of Earth Day, has mobilized more than one billion people toward the future of the planet with its environmental movement, and to date partners with more than 75,000 partners to drive positive action towards an eco-friendlier world. 


Going green in honor of Earth Day is a great way to kick off an environmentally friendly initiative of one’s own.


Fellowship Square offers eco-conscious seniors some easy tips for “going green” this April 22…and every day!


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle —

This handy little catchphrase can help everyone be more mindful of waste. Seniors that are downsizing can consider donating old furniture, clothing, and household appliances for a second life. Instead of plastic, single-use items, seniors might select more sustainable items when it comes to everything from sandwich bags and coffee filters to household cleaners. And for those that are already reusing their empty coffee containers to house loose change or sugar packets, bravo! Every little effort makes up a big difference!


Compost —

Those with a “green thumb” can go green, and help their garden grow, by composting. Coffee grounds, egg shells, orange and banana peels, vegetable “ends” and other food scraps can all be used to help a garden flourish. Consider “countertop composting” by placing a container (another use for that old coffee can!) or placing a compost-dedicated reusable bag in the freezer (which combats any aroma caused by leftover food). Once full, the mixture can be blended up to use directly in one’s own garden. 


Ditch the Plastics —

Plastic waste is a worldwide issue so limiting plastics whenever possible is a great way to go green. Choose a glass or stainless-steel refillable water bottle over those single-use bottles, for example. Bring reusable sacks to the grocery store instead of opting for plastic bags and consider giving up straws and plastic utensils.  


Conserve —

It’s easy to make little changes at home to conserve resources such as water and energy. Turn off the water while brushing teeth and washing hands, for example, and turn lights and fans off when rooms aren’t being occupied. Once bulbs burn out, swap in some energy-efficient LEDs and consider other renewable energy sources whenever possible. 


Shop Local —

Getting one’s meat, produce and dairy from local farms and ranches means less travel. This equates to a reduced carbon footprint. So visiting the farmers market on a weekly basis can not only be a great way to spend a day, it’s the perfect way to stock up on fresh, locally grown groceries. A delicious and fun way to go green!


Reduce Red Meat Intake —

Most doctors say red meat is okay in moderation, but they might suggest reducing red meat intake to just once a week or so. Turns out this is not only good for one’s health — but the planet’s health too! Consider “meatless Mondays” or try a variety of vegetable-based dishes to swap out for that “meat and potatoes” meal every now and then. 


Walk it Off —

For those nearby errands, why not consider walking or biking versus driving? When taking the car out is essential, try grouping errands together to make the most efficient use of the vehicle. 


Earth Day is recognized around the world for just one “official” day a year, but honoring Mother Earth through conservation practices is something seniors (and everyone!) can do every single day. Fellowship Square encourages seniors to consider how they can become more eco-conscious this Earth Day. Mother Earth will appreciate it! 

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