How to Read the Bible

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How to Read the Bible

Many Christian and religious followers have lived a devout life, attended mass, and prayed… yet as they reach their senior years, they have still never read the bible. Fellowship Square encourages seniors in retirement who might find themselves with more time on their hands than before to explore the Good Book. Here are a few tips to get started — just think of it as a “Reading the Bible 101.”


Don’t Rush It —

Regardless of which version of the bible seniors choose to read, they shouldn’t feel any pressure to read the bible cover to cover or by a certain “deadline.” The bible is meant to educate, inspire and encourage (as God would have it), so don’t stress about completing this undertaking. In fact, it’s important to slow down and take one’s time reading each scripture for the messages to be fully comprehended and applicable in today’s world. After all, the biggest reward of reading the bible is the takeaways that seniors can use in everyday life to help see them through challenges, loss, and struggles (as well as the joys!). 


Break it Down —

Much like slowing it down, it’s also a good idea to break it down when embarking on reading the bible. Taking in smaller, bite-sized chunks may be easier to “digest” than trying to get through larger sections in a short amount of time. In between readings, seniors should take some time to think through and contemplate what they have read and how they can use these readings to make positive changes in their lives — and the lives of those around them.


Use Helpful Resources —

The bible can be a complex read, and seniors may find themselves wanting to delve deeper into specific scriptures or searching for further explanations of the readings. The good news is there are a multitude of helpful guides and handbooks to help readers interpret the words of the Lord. 


Form a Bible Book Club or Join a Bible Study —

Discussing scripture is another great way to help seniors interpret the bible as well as to bond with others. Social seniors could create a book club for reading the bible, which is also a good way to motivate oneself and others to read the bible due to the accountability aspect. Joining a bible study is another great way to discuss scripture and hear other’s opinions and take on the readings. 


Most importantly, reading the bible should be an enjoyable part of a senior’s day and life. So build in some reading time into every day. Create a cozy reading nook complete with a comfortable chair or couch, a soft blanket, a good reading light, and a table for a cup of tea and reading snacks! Fellowship Square invites seniors to find love, peace, solace, comfort, and happiness within the pages of their bible. 

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