Connecting with Grandkids – How Seniors Can Strengthen These Bonds

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Connecting with Grandkids – How Seniors Can Strengthen These Bonds

In today’s high-tech world, some seniors may feel the gap between the generations, especially when it comes to their grandchildren. However, multi-generational relationships are so important within families and the grandparent-grandparent relationship is a special one that can be so beneficial for both parties. Fellowship Square offers seniors some easy ways to connect with their grandchildren.


Spend Some Time Together —

The first and most basic step to forming a new bond with a grandchild is to spend some time with them! Get to know about them — their likes and dislikes, their hobbies and interests. A brief phone call can be the beginning of getting to know them on a more familiar basis, and with every call or visit, the time spent together will naturally begin to feel more familiar and comfortable.


Support Their Interests —

Maybe the grandkids like video games, soccer, or baking. Why not join them in a game of Mario Kart, go cheer them on at their next soccer game, or get into the kitchen together and share some time-honored family recipes. The more they see that their grandparents are interested in what they’re doing, the more they’ll want them to be there to see and experience these things with them. 


Create a Tradition or Start a New Hobby Together —

Consider something both grandchild and grandparent enjoys — that can become their “thing.” For example, grandparents and grandkids can bond by going on “adventures” like hiking or visiting museums, zoos, and aquariums during their time together. Consider doing crafts together, volunteering at a local shelter for those in need or pets, or baking cookies to deliver to neighbors. Or select a book to read together and then spend some time together discussing it like a one-on-one book club just for grandparent and grandchild! Photography, painting, and other artistic hobbies are also fun for all ages and a good way to start connecting with grandchildren.


Be the Teacher… and the Student —

A powerful connection can be formed in any relationship by becoming both the student and the teacher. Grandparents can share so much wisdom, life experience, and family history with their grandchildren. In return, grandchildren can help their grandparents stay up to date with technology and the way the world is changing every day. Being open to learning from one another and having a desire to share knowledge with one another can be a wonderful way to connect.


Fellowship Square encourages seniors to reach out to their grandchildren and start forming new bonds today. These are the relationships that can brighten every day and bring joyful memories over the years.

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