Celebrating Easter with Seniors

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Celebrating Easter with Seniors

Easter Sunday is just a few short days away. This religious holiday is a very important celebration for the Christian church and Christians in general. Honoring the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter Sunday is a time of triumph over death and according to Christianity.com, “His resurrection means the eternal life that is granted to all who believe in Him.” His resurrection also serves as undeniable proof that He really is the Son of God and that he had overcome death. A joyous occasion indeed! In honor of Easter, Fellowship Square shares easy and fun ways to celebrate the holiday with seniors.


Bond with Multi-Generational Family Members —

Preparing for Easter is a fun way for seniors, their children, and their grandchildren to get together. Consider doing some traditional activities such as coloring hard-boiled eggs, making Easter crafts, or even filling plastic eggs and Easter baskets to donate to a non-profit center that supports local youth. There are so many fun ways to dye Easter eggs today – pre-made kits have endless colors and themes, and there are even ways to color eggs using shaving cream, vegetable dyes, and more. Check Pinterest for some out-of-the-box ideas and get creative!


Attend Easter Mass —

Gather the family and attend an Easter Vigil. This sermon is typically held the night before Easter Sunday, but many Christian churches also provide multiple times for an Easter mass throughout Easter weekend as well as on Easter Sunday itself. 


Host Easter Brunch or Dinner —

A celebratory feast is a traditional part of the Easter celebration. Seniors’ loved ones may consider hosting an intimate and casual Easter brunch or dinner that allows seniors to be part of the celebration without too much hassle or fuss. For seniors that love to cook and entertain, hosts can encourage seniors to get in on the preparation of the event. 


Attend an Easter Tea —

Rather than host an elaborate feast, family members can also take seniors to a special Easter tea. Encourage them to dress in their Easter finest (pastels and hats are a must!) and don’t forget a family photo! 


Easter is a special time of celebration for Christian families. For those that can’t get together, consider sending seniors a special Easter basket or floral bouquet. A special delivery may not replace the opportunity to celebrate together, but the gesture will certainly create a lasting memory until they are reunited. Fellowship Square wishes its residents, their families and caregivers, and staff a glorious Easter celebration. 

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