A Super-Ager’s Guide to Maintaining Health

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As senior’s age, they may not feel the urgency to see their general physician, eye doctor, or dentist on a regular basis, or it may become difficult for them to remember or to maintain regular visits. However, routine appointments are vital to whole body health as part of a “super ager’s” plan for a long and healthy life.


Fellowship Square delves into why keeping up with these appointments is so important — and other “super ager” tips.


Setting the Stage for Longevity —

If seniors are “feeling fine” they may not see the importance of seeing a physician, optometrist, or dentist for a routine check-up. However, early detection is key for treatment of almost every ailment or disease and even if seniors don’t have any physical complaints, blurry vision, or pain in their teeth or mouth, these professionals can use their expertise in these given fields to detect any early signs of a problem. 


In fact, according to AARP health problems and conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorder, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and even cancer can be detected via a thorough eye exam. So while they say the eyes are the windows to the soul — they may also provide a sneak peek into the state of one’s health overall!


Dental exams can also help seniors discover if there are any health problems such as infections in their mouths but also illness in other parts of the body. Dentists may be able to detect leukemia, osteoporosis, or diabetes through an oral exam. 


See a Trusted Physician —

Talking about their ailments or issues may sometimes be difficult for the Silent Generation, but it’s important not only to make these appointments and keep them, but most importantly to make them most beneficial by discussing any pains or issues with these professionals during the exam. 


Set a Schedule —

Make remembering annual appointments easy by making them near a significant holiday (one’s birthday is always easy to remember). Use technology to assist with reminders for appointments that are bi-annual (such as the routine teeth cleanings at the dentist) or keep an old-fashioned paper calendar up to date with appointments. 


Fellowship Square encourages seniors to make annual (or bi-annual) health appointments a priority to ensure they are living their healthiest lives during their Golden Years. And if they notice any changes to their health in between these routine appointments, they should schedule a checkup right away. 

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