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Mobile Urgent Care

Now our residents can avoid unnecessary expenses and trips to the ER or Urgent Care.  If they are injured or ill and cannot see their regular doctor quickly, residents can simply call DispatchHealth to get a quick assessment of their condition. DispatchHealth can then dispatch one of their mobile medical teams who can provide care in the convenience and comfort of the resident's home.  The team consists of trained Nurse Practitioners with the support of EMTs and a virtual attending MD who is available at all time for consults. They can treat things like colds, flu, eye infections, skin lacerations, sprains, upper respiratory infections, asthma, ear or sinus infection, digestive issues and more.  They can even do labs and provide IV fluids. They'll receive post care instructions and DispatchHealth will even help coordinate care with the primary care physician.  For a full list of procedures and treatments offered, visit dispatchhealth.com or call 480-493-3444.

Available 7 Days A Week from 8 am - 8 pm.

At Fellowship Square Historic Mesa, residents are free to choose their own health and wellness providers. The choice is always yours.

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Fellowship Square Historic Mesa
35 West Brown Rd, Mesa, AZ 85201
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