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By Harriet K.
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Prom is a special milestone for many young people, but its importance isn't limited to the young. When a high school senior enlisted his grandmother's help to pull off an elaborate prom proposal, it brought two generations together in a heartwarming way. This month, Fellowship Square resident Harriett Kostelecky shares her prom memory.

Harriett’s Story

One Friday evening, my grandson came to me and said, "Grandma, will you teach me how to make sugar cookies?" Sugar cookies - hmmm! I said, "Well, I can try, but you should ask your mother first." So, he said, "Mom, I would like to learn to make sugar cookies," Mom replied, "Ask your Grandmother!"

Early Saturday morning, my grandson and I went to the grocery store. We had checked out the recipe before going to the store. These had to be special sugar cookies. They had to be sugar cookies in the shape of stars and frosted with blue frosting.

Photo of blue star-shape sugar cookies. Fellowship Square Independent Living in Surprise

We also needed "Milky Way" candy bars and some green ribbon. We came home, and my Grandson proceeded to make sugar cookies. All went well. We cut out the cookies, placed them on the cookie sheet, warmed up the oven, etc. The cookies kept their shape as they baked (they were fat little 2-inch cookies) and are now out of the oven cooling.

We make the frosting, the powdered sugar kind, and add blue food coloring. We frost the cookies, and at this point, I am informed that we have to make a big yellow moon and make out some message cards.

We tie the Milky Way candy bars with the green ribbon. Every ten feet, there is a candy bar. There are two strings of candy bars, one for each side of the sidewalk.

Photo of chocolate bars and a green ribbon Intergenerational activities for seniors at Fellowship Square Surprise

We went to the young lady’s house and put down the strings of the candy bars from the front door to the back door. (My Grandson knew that she would be gone!)

A few feet before the back door, we stopped with the candy bars and attached a pink bag of blue star sugar cookies. We attached a note on the bag saying: "Now that you have reached the stars, please reach for the moon!" The moon was attached to the outside of the screen door, and a note was attached to it. The note said, "Would you go to this year's prom with me? Signed by my Grandson.

Our job was done, we went back home.

Our family sat back and waited. We hadn't heard anything, and a few days passed. So, I finally asked: "What happened?" The answer was: "Someone else asked her first!"

Moral of the Story

You may think, “All of this work, and she says NO!” Harriett assures us that while this was a few years ago, her grandson handled the situation just fine. All the work invested in this Prom Proposal left them with memories they will cherish forever. I am sure the young lady will never forget this proposal either.

Harriett shared this story with the residents at Fellowship Square and recreated the proposal during Sunday Brunch! Each resident received a Milky Way with specially shaped Star Cookies with perfect blue icing. She didn’t forget the Moon either. Harriett is famous for recreating memories and combining these special moments over dinner. Our Fellowship Square residents are surprised each month with a treat and a memory. Harriett has even enlisted other residents' help to share and recreate these moments.

Prom memories aren't just for the young. They can be deeply meaningful for everyone involved. This intergenerational story is a beautiful reminder of how special moments can bring us closer together, creating memories that last a lifetime.

If you want to hear more stories like Harriett’s or learn more about our senior living community in Surprise, contact us today. We believe every generation has a story to tell, and we'd love to be a part of yours!

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