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October 28 Update

Check our our latest update for Independent Living services and activities.

October 20 Update

Click here for our latest Independent Living update with good news regarding transportation services and activities!

October 13 Update

Exciting news regarding transportation services included in this week's independent living update!

October 7 Update

We're continuing to move in a good direction - see this week's update for more information!

September  29 Update

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September 22 Update

Click here to see the very latest on Independent Living news and services.

September 15 Update

Click here to see the very latest on Independent Living news and services.

September 8 Update

Some exciting news for independent living residents this week pertaining to dining services and SeniorFit classes.  

September 1 Update

We're moving in a good direction - see this week's update for more information!

August 26 Update

Lots of news for independent living this week - please check out our latest update.

August 19 Update

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August 12 Update

Lots of news for independent living this week - please check out our weekly update.

August 5 Update

Please see our latest weekly update on Covid-19 and steps we are taking to help keep our residents safe.

July 28 Update

Please see our latest weekly update on Covid-19 and steps we are taking to help keep our residents safe.

July 22 Update

Please see our latest update on Covid-19 and steps we are taking to help keep our residents safe.

July 15 Update

Please see our latest weekly update on Covid-19 and steps we are taking to help keep our residents safe.

July 8 Update

Please see an important update today from Executive Director, Kristie Larsen.

July 7 Update

Tracey Biggerstaff, Marketing Director for Fellowship Square Historic Mesa and the Oasis has taken over the weekly Covid-19 Independent Living updates.  These updates are placed on the residents' doors and they can view it on internal television channel 1960.  Here is the very latest information for your review.

July 1 Update

Please see the latest communication from our Executive Director Kristie Larsen regarding Covid-19 and our community.  Stay well!

June 25 Update

Please check out the latest announcement from our Executive Director, Kristie Larsen regarding Covid-19 and our Fellowship Square Historic Mesa community.

June 24 Update

Please review the latest update regarding Covid-19 and our community.  Stay well, friends!

June 19 Update

Please see the following important Independent Living update from Executive Director, Kristie Larsen:

June 15 Update

Please see the following important Independent Living update from Executive Director, Kristie Larsen:

Arizona is not fairing too well with COVID the last week.  Our community now has one known confirmed COVID positive resident in our Independent Living as of June 15th.  This resident and spouse are required to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days.  We have asked them to identify residents and staff with whom they have had close contact and are notifying them as appropriate. Staff are taking required precautions.  If you are concerned, please contact your primary care physician for testing information. 

Residents may continue to self-quarantine as they deem necessary.  Please limit your visitors and deliveries.  Visitors are only allowed from their vehicle to your apartment.  No visitors in common areas.  We will monitor and follow best practices, including pulling back on services if warranted and we may pause on reopening additional services.      

Fellowship Square Historic Mesa will continue to adhere to the Coronavirus guidelines from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), AzDHS and Maricopa County Department of Public Health.  Even with all the precautions, risk of contracting the virus remains.

We promise to be transparent and forthcoming, as situations develop and change. Updates will be communicated timely via hand delivered notices and on Channel 1960 as well as our website.

Psalm 13: 5-6 “But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.  I will sing the Lord’s praises, for he has been good to me.” 

Replace fear and anxiety with gratitude and praise. 

June 10 Update

From our Executive Director, Kristie Larsen:

Fellowship Square Historic Mesa continues to lift our Independent Living pandemic restrictions in phases.  Please review a full recap of restrictions and dates as they are lifted.  Phase III Details.

June 3 Update

From our Executive Director, Kristie Larsen:

Fellowship Square Historic Mesa continues to implement a phased re-opening of our campus amenities. Phase II Details.

May 28 Update

From our Executive Director, Kristie Larsen:

Our Next Normal - Older adults are at high risk for complications from the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Fellowship Square Historic Mesa will implement a phased re-opening of our campus amenities.  Phase I Details


May 21 Update

From our Executive Director, Kristie Larsen:

Covid-19 is still very active in Arizona.  We will continue with restrictions in place to do our best to keep the virus from spreading and off our campus.  Now seniors are even more at risk as the state opens as more people risk exposure.  Our community continues to adhere to the Coronavirus guidelines from the CDC, AzDHS and Maricopa County Department of Public Health.  Currently we have no confirmed positive residents or staff.

While we are not lifting our restrictions at this time, I want you to know the Fellowship Square Historic Mesa leadership team has been working on a phased in plan.  Please see the full update here.

May 6 Update

With the Governors's Stay at Home Order being extended we wanted to provide an update to our senior residents and their families. Please read our Executive Director's, Kristie Larsen, message to the community about COVID-19

May 4 Update

As the Covid-19 pandemic fear and restrictions continue, we are doing everything we can to meet our Independent Living residents’ most important needs. Our senior residents were challenged enough when life was normal and now for many, life seems even more confusing, difficult and isolated than ever. First and foremost, they and their families worry about how their basic needs will continue to be met. Please see our blog for the most common concerns and how we are addressing them.

April 30 Update

Questions have come up after the update earlier this week around the deliveries procedures. We wanted to clarify things for our independent living residents and their families and friends, please view the Stay at Home Order Delivery System FAQ for the details. 

April 28 Update

Our community is thinking forward about what will happen next, after the stay at home orders are lifted. While doing so we also want to remind residents and their families of how we're following the Coronavirus guidelines. Please read our community update from our Executive Director, Kristie Larsen

April 23 Update

We continue to be thankful that we have no known cases of Covid-19 within our community. We are strictly adhering to guidelines and procedures, which have been previously communicated, to protect our precious residents. Please read the most recent update from our Executive Director, Kristie Larsen

April 16 Update

The good news continues.  At this time, we still have ZERO confirmed cases of Covid-19 in our community for which we are blessed and grateful.  However, with cases still rising in our area, we remain vigilant and protocols/services previously described remain in place.  Please review a personal update from our Executive Director, Kristie Larsen.

April 7 Update

The good news is that at this time, we have ZERO confirmed cases of Covid-19 in our Independent & Assisted Living communities as well as Memory Care. That being said, with the spread of the virus predicted to be near it's peak, we want you to know that we have specific protocol in place should we become aware of illness of a resident or staff member. These procedures will help ensure safety of staff and residents while continuing to provide good care.

Following is a letter from our Executive Director, Kristie Larsen regarding current Independent Living precautions:

At this time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to study the spread and effects of the novel coronavirus across the United States.  According to the latest from the CDC a significant portion of individuals with coronavirus lack symptoms (“asymptomatic”) and can transmit the virus to others before showing symptoms.  This means that the virus can spread between people interacting in close proximity.  In light of this new evidence, CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. CDC is advising the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others.  With the help of our resident seamstresses and & Hi-Way Baptist Church Stitch and Give we have enough cloth face coverings for all our staff.  

  • All staff are required to clear a brief health screening AND wear a mask or cloth face covering as recommended by the CDC.     
  • Resident Visitors should be wearing cloth face coverings and are restricted to those providing essential services or end of life visitors after clearing a brief health screening.  Ask your essential visitors to wear a mask or cloth face covering too.
  • Residents should STAY HOME and shelter in place!  Residents that DO NOT HAVE BREATHING ISSUES are encouraged to wear a cloth face covering when getting their mail or laundry.  As donations come in we will make them available to residents.      

Resident with symptoms of COVID19 or test positive must self-quarantine for 14 days and alert our staff by calling the front desk (480) 834-0060.  We will take precautions with our staff and get you supplies or medical attention if needed.  If you go to a high risk location (i.e. hospital) you are asked to self-quarantine for 14 days and alert staff.  

Please continue to watch our website and Facebook for detailed updates and instructions on how to subscribe to our NORBERT text alert system.




This will be a very different Easter for most of us with lots of changes and limitations.  

Remember God is still the same, He has not changed and

His love and mercy is limitless! 


John 20:19 “…Then Jesus came, stood among them and said to them, ‘Peace to you!’”


He has risen! 


March 26 Update

Our Corporate and Community Leadership Teams continue to implement best practices to keep our residents safe during the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have identified older adults as high risk for complications from the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As an additional precaution at Fellowship Square Historic Mesa we are limiting visitors to our independent living community as follows: Essential services or end of life visitors only until further notice.

Below is information that outlines what this means to our residents and their families:   

Fellowship Square Residents

  • Residents leaving and returning to our community will be stopped by security at the main entrance to identify their apartment.   
  • If a driver or others in the vehicle that will not be staying, they can proceed to drop resident off and leave - unless they are essential services providers. 
  • Anyone picking up residents to leave campus will require health screen before picking them up at access point.  Health screen not required upon return to drop off resident at apartment access point only if they do not get out of the vehicle.
  • Front desk phones will be answered between 8:30 am and 6:00 pm Monday-Friday and 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday.  Residents should CALL the office rather than visit the office whenever possible at 834-0600.

All essential services visitors

  • Will be directed by the security team to park in front of the office and go into the lobby for a brief health screening.  If cleared, they will be allowed to go to the residents apartment.
  • Health screenings will be done in the lobby Monday thru Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.  Sunday essential service visitors will be checked in by security. 
  • Essential services visitors must clear the CDC guidelines including a temperature of 100.4 or less degrees and have no symptoms of respiratory infections. Emergency medical responders - Fire Dept, Paramedics, Police are excluded when responding to a call.

Examples of essential services visitors: Medical providers (Dr's, nurses, nurse practitioners, medical examiner, psychologists, physical therapist, home health), hospice providers, funeral home staff, end of life visitors, caregivers including family who provide care with activities of daily living like medication set up or showers, oxygen deliveries, medical device/equipment or pharmacy deliveries.

Personal Deliveries

  • Deliveries will be accepted from drivers or family/friends upon entrance to the community.
  • Our team will get the delivery items to the resident’s apartment.  If they are not home, we will leave them inside unless a "do not enter" is on file.
  • Please notify delivery companies and/or families/friends of this restriction.
  • All deliveries must be prepaid.  Staff will deliver as available, so food deliveries are discouraged.

Other Notes: 

  • Security - Independent Living will have 2 people on duty 24/7 during the COVID-19 emergency. 
  • Dining Services - Residents may continue to receive one meal delivery per day.  If the meal is not delivered by 5:30 PM Monday - Saturday, please call the front desk at 834-0600 and we will get one to the resident.  A new 2-week delivery menu will be coming out next week.
  • Internal TV channel 1960 - We are working on posting exercise videos from Matt with Senior Fit as well as Daily Devotions from Chaplain Kurt - residents should stay tuned!
  • Community areas - dining rooms, community rooms remain closed.  Swimming pools and the Grand gym are also closed.  Laundry rooms will continue to be open but will be disinfected daily.
  • Guest Apartments - no visitors in the guest apartments until further notice.

March 24 Update

At this time of COVID-19 virus spread, we highly discourage visits to our Independent Living residents, except to drop off necessary supplies or medications. We don't presently have any known cases in our community and we want to keep it that way.

We are doing our best to limit outside traffic within the community so please note that we have closed all entrances except our main entrance on Brown Rd. just west of Center.

Thank you for your cooperation and remember, phone calls to your senior loved one are more important than ever.

And to help them stay as active and positive as possible during this period, we are working to get SeniorFit videos from Matt and daily devotional messages from our Chaplain Kurt up and running on our community television channel, 1960.

Additional updates coming soon.  Please visit this website location frequently to stay up to date.

March 20 Update

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have identified older adults as high risk for complications from the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  The federal government is urging older people to “stay home and away from other people” for 15 days to stop the spread.   At Fellowship Square Historic Mesa it has been through much prayer and concern for our residents' health that we have made some difficult decisions that we know impact their daily lives.  With that in mind the following changes are being made: 

Temporarily closing the community rooms, until further notice. If residents need access to a computer or phone to contact family, Life Enrichment can help.  We will deliver internal mail (newsletters, notices, calendars, menus etc) to doors.

Transportation: No more group trips, including grocery stores. Medical transportation only for medically necessary appointments and one resident per trip. 

Residents can call Life Enrichment at 480-290-7014 between 10 AM and 2 PM Monday – Friday to order supplies (depending on availability) from the country store ($5 limit) that we will deliver.  We encourage family and friends to drop off supplies at residents' doors.

Activities: No more groups of 10 or less.  We are mandated to 1 on 1 activities. Matt with SeniorFit will work on virtual/TV exercise for channel 1960. Stay tuned as they work out the details! 

Housekeeping will be limited to once per month as we redirect staff to critical areas.  A notice will be delivered with details from Ashley, Housekeeping Supervisor. 

Maintenance services will be only for safety and essential services until further notice.  This includes plumbing backups/leaks, electrical malfunctions/ lights not working, TV/Cox Box issues, heating and AC or others deemed necessary. Please direct all calls to 480-290-7041. 

Safety and Security:

o   The East entrance on Center Road and the West entrance on Grand will be locked 24/7 until further notice.  All traffic will enter and exit from the Brown Road entrance (by guard shack).

o   We will schedule two security officers 24/7 during the state of emergency.

o   Please note: all staff are required to wear picture ID. 

We appreciate your cooperation through this process with us! We’d like to remind you, that the best way of limiting the spread of any illness or infection, is to practice good hand washing (washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds), don’t touch your face, cough in a tissue and dispose of it.  Stay home if you are sick and drink lots of water. Replace handshakes and hugs with fist bumps and elbow taps. 

March 19 Update

Housekeeping - Due to temporary staffing issues, Housekeeping is going to 1 time per month – M, W, F on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. 

Transportation -

Groups/buses – grocery stores only.  9 people or less on the bus.  Residents should contact transportation office for scheduling.

           Individual medical appointments / vans – business as usual.

Country Store – We will be setting up a "pop up" store in the Center card room for center side residents. Hours tbd. The one on the Grand for grand residents will be open from 11-1 daily Mon – Friday.   We will stock as best we can with the limited items currently available in stores.

Donations – We are requesting donations for toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex, wipes, aspirin and acetaminophen for senior residents in urgent need.  Drop them off at our front office - 35 W Brown Rd, Mesa (Brown & Center).  Thank you in advance!

Activities – continuing with groups of no more than 10. Residents should go to their television channel 1960 or the activities line.       

March 18 Update:

Dining: Effective immediately, both the Grand and Center Dining rooms have been closed.  We are now offering delivery with a limited menu.  Meal prices during this time have been reduced to $7.50 and there will be no charge for delivery. (Today's meals were free.)  Residents will be limited to one delivery per day. Letters explaining the situation and how to order were placed on every resident's door.  Family members wishing to aid their loved one with ordering can email [email protected].  I will be happy to respond with the documents.  Please include your family member's apartment number in your request.

March 17 Update:


We continue to conduct a daily health check protocol that includes questions about symptoms/exposure and taking the temperature of all staff when they arrive for their shift.  Anyone who has symptoms, would have to go home.


Effective immediately, NO GUESTS in dining or community rooms.

Free delivery and to-go service continues.

For residents who still opt to dine in the dining rooms, the tables will be spread out into the community rooms to add distance between tables and diners.

Activities:  Per the CDC recommendation, we have eliminated all group activities over 10 people.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work together to slow the virus!

March 14th Update: 

Staffing: Nearly all Mesa Schools have closed until further notice.  This impacts our staffing tremendously.  It could disrupt services including housekeeping, as we redirect staff to other areas of most need (foodservice deliveries or caregiving). 

CMS has mandated skilled nursing facilities to stop group activities and communal dining.  Assisted livings may be mandated by AzDHS to do the same at some point.  We will also look at Independent Living as prudent. In the meantime... 

Dining: The transition to a Buffet service in our Grand Dining room is on hold until further notice. There will be no fee for deliveries and to-go meals during this state of emergency. Menus could become limited so your patience and cooperation will be helpful! 

Activities:  Our Life Enrichment team will be assessing group activities & events. Some may be cancelled or postponed. Check the activities line 480-621-3060 and in-house TV channel 1960.


March 12 Update:

In response to Governor Ducey’s declaration of a public health emergency and executive order of March 11th pertaining to COVID-19 (aka novel corona virus), Fellowship Square Historic Mesa has taken the following steps to proactively help protect our senior living residents from the virus:

Visitors: At this time, we are not able to limit visitors to residents in our independent living community but we HIGHLY encourage residents to use the same screening for their guests before they agree to or coordinate a visit. Residents should discourage visits from individuals if they have respiratory infection symptoms including: Fever, Coughing, Shortness of Breath, Difficulty Breathing, Chills, Body Aches, Sore Throat, Headache, Diarrhea, Nausea/Vomiting and Runny Nose.

Activities & Events

  • All resident activities are being reviewed and some may be cancelled involving outside vendors, volunteers or visitors.
  • Our March 20th prospective resident event is being postponed

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