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The Fellowship Square-Mesa community has taken unique steps to prioritize our ‘fall prevention’ approach for residents, since it is of utmost importance to their health and well-being. Accidentally tripping and falling to the ground can be detrimental for a senior. So, we’ve implemented a caring technology system and are in an evolving, proprietary partnership that both support the mitigation of falls and related injuries.

Daily Health Check-In

Our seniors experience a high level of safety and comfort through our Alexa Community that consists of Echo Dots (voice recognition devices), which are programmed specifically for our residents to quickly report any concerns—plus connect to each other and caregivers. In addition, this technology system allows the residents who opt-in and participate in a personalized health check-in each day. If they do not check in on any given day, alerts are sent to the management team, medical provider, and even loved ones who are monitoring the senior. When residents happen to fall or injure themselves, they can call out to Alexa then the staff and/or a medical professional will immediately check on them. The complementary device also connects our seniors to the front desk for any needs or special requests.

Partners in Technology

Fellowship Square-Mesa is partnering with two brilliant powerhouses—Amazon and Arizona State University—to further create a senior-focused technology system, to be piloted at our campus, that uses Artificial Intelligence to comprehensively support the safety and security of elderly residents. Since studies done by this group’s panel show that twenty percent of senior falls occur between 9pm to 7am, the Amazon voice-recognition device will be capable of sensing when the resident is awake and can remind them to take a moment to get their bearings before standing up, suggest that the light be turned on for them to walk safely, have the air temperature automatically adjusted, or alert a loved one that they are getting up more frequently than usual. Essentially, this system will be a few steps ahead of the resident’s actions with helpful tips and applied uses that will help prevent any falls and protect them from avoidable injuries.

The thoughtful measures that Fellowship Square-Mesa has implemented on behalf of the safety and care of its residents are abundant. From intentionally using a male voice for the Alexa Community so those with hearing constraints can pick up the sound better to automatically turning on and off lights for saved time and energy, you’ll find that the caring details integrated throughout our senior living property are as plentiful as our precautionary safety measures that bring residents lasting peace of mind.

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