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Making a Difference in the Lives of Arizona's Seniors 

Established in 1979, Fellowship Square Phoenix is part of Christian Care Companies.

As a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization, we are driven by our mission, not profits. We measure our success by providing excellent customer service, providing a fulfilling lifestyle for our residents, and promoting independence through our service to them.

Our Mission:

Through Christian love and excellence we are dedicated to providing a fulfilling lifestyle and promoting independence to those we serve.

Our Vision:

A world where all people thrive and live with purpose.

Our Values:

We believe in the immeasurable value of every person. Empowered by Christ’s love, we joyfully serve with humility, integrity, compassion, and respect.

The Christian Care/Fellowship Square Phoenix campus is a close-knit and supportive senior living community. Residents, their families, friends, and staff often ask how they can help, they want to be part of their community in a bigger way. Whether contributing funds towards a specific capital project or through planned giving, donations to Christian Care are always tax deductible. These funds directly support our senior living programs, projects and services.

'Be a Blessing' Campaign

Arizona Tax Credit Donations Support Christian Care Health Center

More than 75% of residents in Christian Care Health Center rely on government assistance to pay for their care. However, the reimbursement rates from these government subsidies are much less than the cost of providing care.

Arizona provides income tax credits for individuals who make contributions to Qualifying Charitable Organizations (QCO), entities that provide immediate basic needs to low income residents of Arizona.

Christian Care Health Center is a Qualifying Charitable Organization, (QCO code: 20456). 


In 2018, the annual campaign to drive Arizona Tax Credit donations for the Health Center was given a name: Be a Blessing. Anyone who pays income taxes in the state of Arizona can participate!

Photo of campaign for AZ Tax Credits contributions to assist Seniors in Phoenix

Be a Blessing 2021

Employee participants show their support by wearing
campaign t-shirts on Fridays!


Over half of Phoenix employees are enrolled in the Be a Blessing payroll deduction program. This deduction program enables employees to send their Arizona state income taxes directly to Christian Care Health Center from their paycheck each pay period. In return, they receive a dollar-for-dollar Arizona income tax credit, up to the allowable limit. 

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Pictures of Annual Be a Blessing t-shirts

Previous Years' Campaign Tees

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Christian Care Retirement Apartments, Inc.

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