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Levels of Care, Explained

"Senior Living" and "Retirement Living" are broad terms used to describe a range of senior living services. Both phrases are used most frequently (and interchangeably) by senior communities like Fellowship Square, which offers several different levels of senior care on one campus.

On this page, we will dive into the full range of senior living options and levels of care – exploring the differences between each, as well as services provided and admission requirements (if applicable). 

If you have specific questions or would like to talk through the available options, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Subsidized Senior Housing: 602-833-5057

Private Pay Senior Living: 602-833-4330.

What exactly is Independent Living?

Independent Living is perfect for seniors who want to let go of household chores associated with living in a single-family home or a condo. They want to enjoy their independence, maintain their health and wellness, and have peace of mind knowing they have supportive services available close by should they ever need them. Residents in Independent Living can mainly live without in-home care, while others may need additional help now and then. 

In Independent Living, a resident's monthly rent covers a wide range of services and amenities*, such as a certain number of meals per month, scheduled transportation, security and emergency call systems, housekeeping services, maintenance, and more.

*Amenities and services differ between subsidized and private pay senior living. Please call for details.

Residents' physical apartment is very similar to conventional apartments, with a few differences that help seniors maintain independence and live more comfortably on their own. Apartment features such as built-in emergency call systems, safety bars in the restrooms, and high-rise commodes are a few examples. Knowing that help is only a phone call or press of a button away provides both residents and their families peace of mind.


There are very few requirements for Independent Living, with an age requirement being the most common.

At Fellowship Square, residents must be 62 and older. Occasionally, one spouse or partner might be younger than 62, in which case they are both permitted to live in the apartment or garden home together for as long as the older person is a resident. For specific questions regarding lease terms and age requirements, please give us a call - we look forward to assisting you.

Independent Living is best for seniors who can perform daily living activities with only minimal assistance. However, should they need a little extra help, in-home care is a valuable tool to help residents maintain their independence, health, and overall wellness.


Supportive Services and Home Health Care

Sometimes referred to as "in-home care," Home Health and Supportive Services provide seniors with the extra support they may need to maintain their independence and live safely in their Independent Living apartment. Services can be provided on an as-needed or monthly basis, for brief or extended periods of time. Supportive Services are private pay and are performed by licensed CNAs and certified caregivers.

Home Health Care refers to “skilled nursing services” that an RN or LPN provides in the comfort of the resident's home. Medicare and many other insurance plans will cover skilled services. To qualify, patients must have a physician's order and a medical necessity for the services of a nurse or therapist. For more information on services, how to sign up, and insurance coverage, please visit our Healthcare Services page.


At a certain point, a resident may need more assistance than what can be safely provided in Independent Living, even with additional services. In such cases, Assisted Living becomes ideal for seniors who need increased support in their day-to-day lives but do not require 24-hour skilled nursing care.

Assisted Living provides a more robust package of amenities, including three meals a day plus snacks, 24-hour caregiver assistance, weekly housekeeping, laundry, and more. Depending on the level of Assisted Living services the resident needs, caregivers provide extra help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing and grooming, incontinence management, and medication management.

On our Phoenix campus, we provide three levels of Assisted Living Care for seniors 62 and older: Supervisory Care, Personal Care, and Directed Care.

Before admission, the resident will complete a health assessment with the Assisted Living Director to determine which level of care will best fit the resident's needs. Receiving the right level of care is essential to maintaining their health and wellness, wherever it might be. There have been instances in which a resident's health has improved to the point where they drop down to a lower level of care. 

Once the appropriate level of care is determined, the care plan is reviewed with the resident and/or the resident's representative upon admission.

The Oasis Assisted Living (Private Pay)  | Manor II Subsidized Assisted Living (ALTCS)

Memory Care is appropriate for those who are in the advanced stages of dementia, they may be unable to recognize danger, summon assistance on their own or make basic care decisions.

Our Memory Care unit, Reflections at The Oasis, provides Level 3 Direct Care. Secure Memory Care units offer an added layer of security, especially if wandering becomes a concern.

In Directed Care, certified caregivers provide a higher level of assistance with activities of daily living such as ambulation, bathing, toileting, dressing, selecting menu items in the dining room, and medication management.

We encourage you to visit our Assisted Living with Memory Care page for more complete details on the services we provide, our approach to care, and review prices and floor plans.

Skilled Nursing Facilities, also known as Skilled Nursing Centers, provide 24-hour care for either short-term rehabilitation or long-term care.

After surgery or a hospital stay, short-term rehab in a Skilled Nursing Center is especially helpful (or even necessary) to make a successful transition home. Physical therapy and post-hospital care are just a few of the healthcare services provided in a Skilled Nursing Facility.

Skilled Nursing Facilities are also appropriate for individuals with a medical condition that requires 24-hour long-term care.  For those who qualify, long-term care may be covered by Medicaid (ALTCS in Arizona) if care is provided in a nursing home setting and not at home.

For more information on our healthcare services and accepted insurance plans, please visit our Skilled Nursing page. 

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