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Short-Term Rehab for Seniors

Personalized care for when you need it most

Experience personalized care and support to help you recover quickly and effectively with our short-term rehab services for seniors in Phoenix. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals will ensure you receive the highest quality of care tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to regain your independence and return to your daily activities in no time.

A New Chapter Begins: Unveiling Christian Care's Short-Term Rehab Transformation

Whether recovering from a medical illness, healing from an injury, or needing additional care after leaving the hospital, our dedicated team of professionals is here to support you every step. Let us help you on your journey to a speedy recovery and a healthier, happier you!

Our newly renovated short-term rehab facility will provide the following:

  • Medical Director who specializes in Geriatric Medicine with over 20 years of experience
  • Excellent Nursing to Patient Ratios 1:15
  • CNA to Patient Ratios 1:8
  • A Newly Renovated Facility
  • Telemedicine Capabilities
  • Private and Semi-private Rooms
  • A Cohesive Discharge Planning Team

Short-Term Rehab for Seniors

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11812 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029
PH: 602-833-4177

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